Information regarding voting in the General Election is also available.
Information regarding voting in the Primary Election is also available.
An appeal must be submitted in writing only by letter, email, or web form. You are prohibited from entering any Orange County Library System location. The written appeal must be received through any of the options listed below within 30 days of the trespass issue date listed above. By mail: Orange...
The following items were used for the NEA Big Read crafts seen in the Craft Pack Videos. Campfire Stories: Boondoggle What we used: 2 strands of plastic gimp cord in contrasting colors, 18" each  1 split keyring This works too:
If the phone number on your library card account isn't text-enabled and you'd like to receive event text notices you can: Contact the library (407.835.7323) and update the phone number in your library card account to one that is texting compatible Contact the library and ask staff to change the...
If you wish to stop receiving text notifications for specific events, please contact the library (407.835.7323) and staff can make that change on your behalf.If you wish to stop receiving text notifications for all events, reply STOP to one of the text notices you've previously received and you...
When you register for an event, you'll have the option to opt-in to receive text notices for that event. This option is specific to the event, so you will be able to decided for each event you register for whether or not you want to receive text notices for the event.
The administration of the Orange County Library System is monitoring the outbreak of COVID-19. 
Purpose: The Orange County Library System has adopted the following procedure to ensure an opportunity for customers to make a formal complaint against a library decision or service. The Orange County Library System will accept and attempt to resolve all customer concerns at the service delivery...
Graphics below illustrate the paths to access for studios. Click on the studio graphics to access the recommended Course Tracks. The Course Tracks identify classes that provide either equipment training or software training that will aid you in using the studio.
To view the classes and events you have signed up for, please visit My Events and log in with either your library card and PIN or your last name and registration reference number.
The set up and takedown time are not included in your reservation, nor are you charged for this time.
Requiring entry of your library card PIN instead of your last name is an improvement in security for the calendar system.
A minimum lead time of four months is preferred to review the proposal, reserve a meeting room, and publicize the program.
Most events are done on a volunteer basis and are free to the public. Solicitation is not allowed.