If the phone number on your library card account isn't text-enabled and you'd like to receive event text notices you can: Contact the library (407.835.7323) and update the phone number in your library card account to one that is texting compatible Contact the library and ask staff to change the...
If you wish to stop receiving text notifications for specific events, please contact the library (407.835.7323) and staff can make that change on your behalf.If you wish to stop receiving text notifications for all events, reply STOP to one of the text notices you've previously received and you...
When you register for an event, you'll have the option to opt-in to receive text notices for that event. This option is specific to the event, so you will be able to decided for each event you register for whether or not you want to receive text notices for the event.
Yes! To re-enter the Live Online Classroom simply revisit the URL provided in your confirmation email.
After installing the Adobe Connect application you may need to refresh the internet browser or revisit http://ocls.info/onlinetraining to access the online classroom. If you need assistance, please email onlineclasses@ocls.info.
Yes! Simply visit the URL provided in your confirmation email and follow the prompts to install the Adobe Connect application and access the online classroom.
Yes! Android and Apple iOS users can access Live Online Classes by installing the Adobe Connect Mobile App. When prompted, use ocls.info/onlinetraining as the Meeting URL and enter as a Guest with your name. Please note interactivity via the mobile app may be limited. (Download iOS App | Download...
You do not need a camera or microphone to attend a Live Online Class. You would only need a computer with access to the Internet and speakers or headsets. You can use the Chat pod in the online classroom to interact with the instructor via text messages.
You can perform the Adobe Connect Diagnostic Test to help ensure your computer and network connections are properly configured to provide the best possible Live Online Class experience.
If you have registered for a Live Online Class, please follow the instructions below to access the online classroom.