Strategic Area One: Improve the Customer Experience, establishing OCLS as a friendly, welcoming and community centric service

A. Establish an ongoing customer service training program

  1. Provide training for managers on leading a customer centric culture 
  2. Evaluate service standards such as call wait times, computer wait times, check out wait times, claims processing times, setting standards
  3. Provide training for employees on techniques for interviewing customers
  4. Define Additional Customer Service Measurables - create customer service scorecard

B. Evolve the Mystery Shopper program to be a customer feedback based metric which delivers on customer-centric attributes. Engage in an ongoing program of customer feedback

  1. Gather customer feedback on key library services
  2. Develop a staff training tool to introduce the mystery shopper program
  3. Explore opportunities to enhance and expand the agile survey techniques

C. Provide inviting facilities to fulfill community needs

  1. Evaluate renovation needs
  2. Explore feasibility of rehearsal spaces in Melrose Center
  3. Survey Melrose spaces, services, and technology

D. Enhance the on-boarding experience for new customers

  1. Evaluate ILS operations
  2. Research creating videos that are sent with reminder messages that detail "how to"

Strategic Area Two: Increase awareness of OCLS and what is offered

A. Develop a strategic marketing plan

  1. Evaluate branding and collateral across all locations and adjust as necessary
  2. Conduct market research to assist in marketing to target audiences
  3. Craft strategic email marketing campaign to better market to existing customers

B. Leverage storytelling

  1. Identify library customers to engage in library marketing campaign
  2. Explore strategies that allow customers to submit their own library stories
  3. Explore use of new social media platforms for effectiveness in library marketing

C. Community outreach that builds awareness

  1. Evaluate existing partnerships and refine as needed
  2. Expand partnerships with like-minded community organizations
  3. Evaluate outreach initiatives for inclusion and diversity

D. Empower employees to be ambassadors for OCLS

  1. Provide staff training in SumTotal that teaches staff to be more effective content creators for the library
  2. Evaluate success of monthly talking points and toolkits and refine as needed
  3. Evaluate work of Diversity Committee and refine as needed

Strategic Area Three: Deliver experiences that offer opportunities to help the community learn and grow

A. Kindergarten preparedness

  1. Train staff to offer Countdown to Kindergarten
  2. Evaluate and create on-demand recording for Kindergarten preparedness

B. Early and family learning

  1. Develop caregiver Every Child Ready to Read workshops
  2. Create new programming content that is reflective of our diverse community
  3. Participate and use tools learned in PLA’s Advancing Family Engagement in Libraries Series

C. Provide experiences to enhance life skills

  1. Create and expand offerings to support sustainability and conservation in the community
  2. Evaluate services to ensure a diverse and inclusive environment that reflects our community
  3. Continue to pursue and evaluate grant/award opportunities

D. Provide service delivery via technology

  1. Explore and implement alternatives to traditional services
  2. Evaluate Technology plan for relevancy

E. Explore new potential locations, project revenues and capital resources to service the community

  1. Finalize Land Lease for Horizon West Branch
  2. Hire architect / engineer to design new Horizon West Branch
  3. Hire Construction Management Firm to build Horizon West Branch
  4. Finalize building lease for Lake Nona

F. Partner with schools

  1. Develop onboarding, training & resources for school liaison
  2. Evaluate partnership opportunities with local higher education institutions (Valencia- Big Read, Social Justice Inst. UCF etc.)
  3. Expand field trip offerings to new audiences.

G. Foster Innovation & New Services

  1. Expand library offerings in targeted communities
  2. Explore community art products/projects

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