Strategic Plan

Strategic Area One: Improve the Customer Experience, establishing OCLS as a friendly, welcoming and community centric service

A. Establish an ongoing customer service training program

  1. Rules of Conduct staff training
  2. Update Inclusiveness Training for all staff
  3. Develop an in-depth scenario and script-based customer training program unique to OCLS
  4. Review customer service training when onboarding new staff

B. Provide inviting facilities to fulfill community needs

  1. Evaluate the feasibility of the First Floor Renovation Project
  2. Investigate unmediated reservations for the Melrose editing bays, sound booths, and creative workstations
  3. Explore the possibility of a Cell Phone Locker Charging Station at Main
  4. Explore the possibility of a center for nursing mothers at Main
  5. Manage Design and Construction of Horizon West Branch
  6. Manage Design and Construction of Lake Nona Branch
  7. Evaluate the opportunity for a Main Lobby Customer Express Printing and Computer Center

C. Enhance the on-boarding experience for new customers

  1. Evaluate opportunities to expand ILS services
  2. Explore in-person digital library card registration

Strategic Area Two: Increase awareness of OCLS and what is offered

A. Develop a strategic marketing plan

  1. Create and execute plan to market library’s 100th anniversary
  2. Evaluate multicultural marketing initiative and refine as needed
  3. Evaluate marketing materials for inclusion and diversity

B. Leverage storytelling

  1. Use 100th anniversary celebration as an opportunity to share library’s story
  2. Explore marketing campaign focused on using social media for storytelling
  3. Explore new trends in storytelling

C. Community outreach that builds awareness

  1. Evaluate standards for successful outreach and refine as needed
  2. Look for opportunities to increase number of staff to share responsibility for outreach
  3. Evaluate options for Local Wanderer program when IMLS grant funding is expended
  4. Provide and encourage photo opportunities in library locations to customers for use in social media

D. Empower employees to be ambassadors for OCLS

  1. Engage all locations to participate in systemwide promotions
  2. Explore options to recognize employees for representing OCLS

E. Create a business intelligence strategy

  1. Assemble a business intelligence team and obtain data science training
  2. Assess business intelligence requirements with key stakeholders
  3. Assess available data and needs
  4. Assess and select business intelligence solutions

Strategic Area Three: Deliver experiences that offer opportunities to help the community learn and grow

A. Kindergarten preparedness

  1. Evaluate the needs for hands-on interactive space for parent, caregiver and child
  2. Expand and update the on-demand recordings for Kindergarten preparedness

B. Early and family learning

  1. Offer staff training to understand child development and family engagement
  2. Explore ways to incorporate new media into services and programs for families and children

C. Provide experiences to enhance life skills

  1. Expand historical and cultural offerings
  2. Continue to explore grant/award opportunities
  3. Evaluate services in efforts to remove barriers
  4. Expand financial literacy and business support offerings

D. Provide service delivery via technology

  1. Explore Integrating services with smart home devices
  2. Explore and implement digital services
  3. Evaluate public PC needs to free up space for workspaces and charging areas
  4. Finalize network and network hardware replacement
  5. Evaluate computer specifications

E. Partner with schools

  1. Develop a menu of services for Partners in Education and quantify OCLS’s in-kind contributions to schools
  2. Partner with schools for the Sunshine State Author Series
  3. Expand and enhance school liaison training

F. Foster Innovation & New Services

  1. Seek out new opportunities for delivery of library services outside library walls
  2. Evaluate Melrose content to roll out into system-wide programming
  3. Explore opportunities to checkout non-traditional items

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