Strategic Plan

Strategic Area One: Improve the Customer Experience, establishing OCLS as a friendly, welcoming and community centric service.

A. Establish an ongoing customer service training program

  1. Develop Creole language learning module(s) for staff
  2. Implement a quarterly training series centered around inclusion, listening, and productive conversations
  3. Evaluate hiring practices to mitigate the risks of unconscious bias
  4. Implement manager training on best practices for hiring, onboarding, and retention

B. Provide inviting facilities to fulfill community needs

  1. Evaluate PEP pickup location(s) in East Orange County
  2. Manage Design and Construction of Horizon West Branch
  3. Manage Design and Construction of Lake Nona Branch
  4. Award Contract for Main Roof Replacement
  5. Manage Main HVAC Control Project
  6. Manage 3rd Floor Meeting Room Refresh Project

C. Enhance the on-boarding experience for new customers

  1. Refine and utilize the New Customer Survey results to highlight relevant services and resources for new cardholders
  2. Explore the development of a digital access card

Strategic Area Two: Increase awareness of OCLS and what is offered

A. Develop a strategic marketing plan

  1. Create and execute marketing plan for a campaign that highlights library’s new focus on outreach and community engagement
  2. Work with DEIA Specialists to establish best practices for marketing to a diverse and growing community
  3. Begin to implement Patron Point in library’s marketing efforts
  4. Develop plan to market opening of two new branches

B. Leverage storytelling

  1. Establish plan to document how the library is using Community Engagement to bring new library opportunities to the community
  2. Pitch at least one community engagement story to the media each quarter
  3. Use blogs to share the library’s story more effectively
  4. Establish and test social media content pillar strategy to create educational, inspirational and entertaining posts that align with marketing goals

C. Community outreach that builds awareness

  1. Develop outreach plan for new community engagement department
  2. Roll out the OCLS book bike service
  3. Research, design and purchase a bookmobile

D. Create a business intelligence strategy

  1. Design data models required
  2. Design data collection workflows
  3. Create data infrastructure

Strategic Area Three: Deliver experiences that offer opportunities to help the community learn and grow

A. Kindergarten preparedness

  1. Expand caregiver connect targeting specific age groups.
  2. Explore opportunities for expanding Countdown to Kindergarten in non-traditional settings.

B. Early and family learning

  1. Evaluate and expand teen offerings.
  2. Create metrics for evaluating early and family learning events.

C. Provide experiences to enhance life skills

  1. Explore opportunities to expand offerings to older adults
  2. Evaluate the success of technology class offerings throughout the library system
  3. Continue to explore grant/award opportunities

D. Provide service delivery via technology

  1. Evaluate scanner and fax services
  2. EFinalize contract/start network and network hardware replacement
  3. Explore smart home integration with library services

E. Partner with schools

  1. Research possibilities for school night events (i.e. STEM/Literacy Nights) at library locations
  2. Evaluate the effectiveness of the school liaison program.

F. Foster Innovation & New Services

  1. Continue to expand the library of things collection
  2. Evaluate outdoor programming at select locations
  3. Explore offering notary services

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