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  • Which locations have color copiers?

    All OCLS locations have color copiers available for public use. Photocopies are $.15 per page.

  • Which locations have color printers?

    All locations have color printers available for public use. Color printouts are $0.15 per page.

  • What is a B/W Printer?

    All locations have black & white printers (B/W Printer) available for public use. Printouts are $.15 per page.

  • What is a B/W Copier?

    All locations have black and white copiers (B/W Copiers) available for public use. Photocopies are $.15 per page.

  • How can I print from my laptop or mobile device?

    We have wireless printing at our locations. Download the free printing software and view additional information for Fourth Floor printing at the Orlando Public Library below. Printing from Your Laptop To print from your laptop, use the link below and follow the on-screen directions. GET STARTED Printing from Your Apple or Android Device To print from…

  • Can I print from Library computers?

    Yes. Each library location has a black and white printer available for printing. The cost is $0.15 per page for printouts.

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Presidential Preference Primary Election Early Voting at Select Library Locations

Ten OCLS Branch locations will host early voting for the 2024 Early Voting Primary Election from Monday, March 4 to Sunday, March 17 (10 a.m. – 6 p.m.): Alafaya, Chickasaw, Fairview Shores, Hiawassee, South Creek, Southeast, Southwest, Washington Park, West Oaks, and Winter Garden. Learn more about early voting at select library locations >