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  • What are the changes to item renewal?

    Beginning Monday, May 2, Orange County Library System will automatically renew borrowed books, movies, and more! This allows you to keep your checked out materials longer and decreases the likelihood of late fees since any items eligible for renewal will be automatically renewed three days before their due date. In addition, the total number of…

  • Will the book drop be open while the branch is being refreshed?

    The book drop will remain open at each location throughout the closures. Items may not be checked in on Saturdays or Sundays, so will be backdated on Mondays.

  • How can I renew my items while the branch is closed for a refresh?

    Your items may be renewed online, over the phone through the renewal line ( Option 2), or another OCLS location. Please call Questline if you need more information: .

  • What is the library doing to monitor the outbreak of COVID-19 in the United States?

    The administration of the Orange County Library System is monitoring the outbreak of COVID-19.  We believe it is in the public’s best interest to continue to provide the community with resources and information, so we are encouraging our staff and customers to follow best practices for hygiene, as recommended by the CDC. We clean and sanitize…

  • Customer Resolution Procedure

    Purpose: The Orange County Library System has adopted the following procedure to ensure an opportunity for customers to make a formal complaint against a library decision or service. The Orange County Library System will accept and attempt to resolve all customer concerns at the service delivery level. In the event an issue cannot be resolved,…


    A limited number of new feature film releases will be added to the DVD Vault on the day of library release and are classified as DVD VAULT NEW RELEASE.  These items are only available by request through the catalog for home delivery and CANNOT be renewed.

  • What is the Vault?

    The library has assembled a collection of DVD titles available by request through the library catalog for home delivery which we call the “Vault”. Titles are placed in the Vault after their initial popularity declines and we find that we have sufficient copies to make them available for both walk in and requestable use. Starting in…

  • How can I get a Vault item?

    Vault materials are available by request only for home delivery. Find a title in the library catalog that has the Vault format and a Request button. If you are interested in receiving a title, click on the "Request Home Delivery" link or the "Request" button and enter your name, card number, and PIN. (Make sure…

  • I thought the Library carried video games? What happened?

    The Library hasn’t circulated video games for several years. Gaming programs continue to be scheduled at library locations. There are gaming consoles at some library locations for in-house game play for juvenile card holders.

  • How can I replace my lost or misplaced library card?

    Notify the Library immediately (407.835.7323) if your card is lost or misplaced so it can be deactivated. Caution: you will be responsible for items/fees that accumulate on your card until the loss is reported. After it’s reported lost, if anyone tries to use it, they will be asked to present photo ID. You can get…

  • How can I renew my library card if it has expired?

    To continue service without interruption you may do one of the following: Call the library at . Library staff will assist you in paying any outstanding fines or fees and renewing your card. Check your account online to verify there are no outstanding fines or fees. You may do this by logging into your online…

  • What type of DVDs can be placed on hold?

    Informational DVDs and a limited number of Entertainment DVDs which are available in our Requestable DVDs collection can be placed on hold and requested for home delivery.

  • Why can’t I renew my items?

    Several reasons exist for why you may not be able to renew your items: Too soon to renew. One reason might be that it is too soon to renew the item. You must wait at least one day before renewing the first time. You can renew a second time after the first check-out period is…

  • Can DVDs be renewed?

    Most DVDs are eligible for renewal up to three times as long as your card is in good standing.  DVD VAULT NEW RELEASE titles are only available by request through the catalog for home delivery and CANNOT be renewed. 

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Presidential Preference Primary Election Early Voting at Select Library Locations

Ten OCLS Branch locations will host early voting for the 2024 Early Voting Primary Election from Monday, March 4 to Sunday, March 17 (10 a.m. – 6 p.m.): Alafaya, Chickasaw, Fairview Shores, Hiawassee, South Creek, Southeast, Southwest, Washington Park, West Oaks, and Winter Garden. Learn more about early voting at select library locations >