The 2021-2022 School Library Card Drive is now over, and the results are in. Over six weeks, we received 1,676 new library card sign-ups from students across 107 schools. All grade levels participated, with registrations from elementary, middle, and high school students. 

We're delighted to announce the three schools with the highest amount of library card sign-ups this year. To recognize and celebrate their success, these schools have each won a prize. 

  • 1st Place: Timber Lakes Elementary School, 116 sign-ups

  • 2nd Place: Wolf Lake Elementary School, 79 sign-ups

  • 3rd Place: Palm Lake Elementary School, 75 sign-ups

Orange County Library System is proud to recognize the schools that participated in this year's School Library Card Drive and extends its gratitude to the faculty and staff who helped make it a success.

Even though the drive has ended, you can still help students get their own library card using your school’s unique registration link!


What’s the difference between a full-access library card and a virtual library card? Learn more details.


Here’s how the School Library Card Drive works: 

1. Find your school’s unique sign-up link.

2. Send the link to faculty and staff at your school for them to share.

3. Invite caregivers to sign-up their students using your school's link. 

4. We will issue and mail the library card directly to the applicant's home address.

 1,676 Library Card Sign-ups Overall!

Meter showing goal was achieved  


  1. Timber Lakes Elementary  
    • 116 sign-ups
    • $250 Amazon gift card 
  2. Wolf Lake Elementary
    • 79 sign-ups
    • $150 Amazon gift card 
  3.  Palm Lake Elementary
    • 75 sign-ups
    • $100 Amazon gift card 



  • 1,676 library card sign-ups
  • 107 schools participated
    • 74 elementary schools
    • 4 K-8 schools
    • 21 middle schools
    • 6 high schools