What data speeds can I expect with an OCLS hotspot powered by T-Mobile?


The OCLS hotspots use T-Mobile’s 4G LTE Network. Data speed ranges for T-Mobile 4G LTE Network are as follows:

  • Download Speed: Typically between 19 – 76 Mbps
  • Upload Speed: Typically between 4 – 20 Mbps
  • Latency: Typically between 24 – 40 ms

View more details from T-Mobile’s site.

Learn more about variations in data speed from T-Mobile’s site.

If the data speed you are experiencing with an OCLS hotspot seems slower than the ranges indicated above, check the data speed by visiting https://www.speedtest.net/ from the device you have connected to the OCLS hotspot, and then contact T-Mobile support at 844.361.1310.

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