We have wireless printing at our locations. Download the free printing software and view additional information for Fourth Floor printing at the Orlando Public Library below.

Printing from Your Laptop

To print from your laptop, use the link below and follow the on-screen directions.


Printing from Your Apple or Android Device

To print from an Android or iOS device, use the links below to download and install the Public Print Locations app. Follow the app instructions to submit your print job.

Google Play | App Store

Emailing a Print Job

Alternatively, you can add your print job to the print queue by emailing your file as an attachment to either of the email addresses below. Please note: the email address you select will determine whether your print job is in color or black and white.

For black and white: bw@ocls.info

For color: color@ocls.info

The cost for printing is $.15 a page, charged only when you release your job at a public printer.

Questions? We can help!