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  • Where can I get further assistance with e-books?

    For further assistance, visit Freading, OverDrive Help, or Boundless Help (formerly Axis360).

  • How to check out a title on hold that has become available?

    When a title you've had on hold at your library is ready for you to check out, you will get a notification email. That email should contain a link that allows you to go directly to your account on your library's website. Regardless of how you get there, checking out a held title that is…

  • Where is the title I put on hold?

    If you’re trying to find a missing title that you’ve placed on hold, there are a few reasons why you might not be able to find it. Four reasons you might not find your hold: The same library card must be used to place and retrieve holds. For example, if you place a title on…

  • Can I return an e-book early?

    Some e-books can be returned early. In Adobe Digital Editions, you’ll have the option to “Return Borrowed Item” when you right-click on the title while in Shelf View. Boundless (formerly Axis360) also provides ways to return titles early. In the Libby, by OverDrive app, you may have the option to return an e-book early by…

  • How do I return an e-book?

    When the checkout period for an e-book expires, the book is automatically returned to the Library collection. You may have to manually delete the book from your computer, e-reader, or mobile device. 

  • Who provides e-books?

    The following vendors provide e-books:    

  • Freading Mobile App

    Find thousands of eBooks from every genre and you'll never need to worrying about late fees or waiting on a hold. Available for your Apple device or Android smartphone! Start by pointing your mobile browser to ocls.info/freading. Create a free Freading account and then download the app! Learn more about this app. Get the app! – iPhone,…

  • What do I need to get started with e-books?

    The following vendors provide e-books: