Guidelines for Computer Use

Computers are available for use at all library location. Computer use is free for all library cardholders who are residents or property owners in the Orange County Library District.

Cardholders must have an account in good standing. Residential, property and fee cardholders may have up to three free one-hour sessions per day. Adult non-cardholders can receive one free one-hour session per day. Additional sessions are available to adults for $1 per hour.

Guidelines for computer use:

  • You must have your card and PIN number to reserve computer time.
  • Please retain your receipt, as you will need it to begin your computer sessions.
  • Please arrive on time. The timing software will automatically cancel your reservation if you are not on time.
  • Be advised that if the keyboard or mouse are not used for 10 minutes your session will automatically end.
  • When your session ends, the computer automatically shuts down.
  • Library Staff are available for basic introductory level assistance.
  • Appropriate behavior and computer etiquette are expected of users at all times. Examples of unacceptable actions include:
    • Changing computer configurations, re-booting, attempts to compromise network security or other hacking-type activities
    • Damage to computer equipment
    • Not paying for printed copies
    • Illegal activities

The guidelines for computer use are subject to change and may vary from location to location.

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