I’m getting a message that says my registration has expired…what does this mean?


Library cards expire so that we have the opportunity to review your card and make sure all contact information is correct and that the account is in good standing.


  1. To continue service without interruption you may do one of the following:
  2. Call the library at (407) 835-7323. Library staff will assist you in paying any outstanding fines or fees and renewing your card.
  3. Check your account online to verify there are no outstanding fines or fees. You may do this by logging into your online library card account. If you have outstanding fines or fees, you can pay them online. Next, you can visit our online card renewal page. Library staff will review your request and renew your card, generally within 48 hours.
  4. Visit any OCLS location to review your account with our staff. Please bring your valid Florida drivers license or State ID with your correct address, and be prepared to pay any outstanding fines or fees.


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