What is the difference between home delivery, reserves and holds?

Home delivery, requests, reserves and holds are all the same term for the process of choosing an item to have sent to your home. Requests, reserves, and holds are also terms used to designate that you want an item held at a location for pick-up.

Patrons who live within Orange County (excluding Maitland and Winter Park) may be eligible for what is called Books By Mail, (also known as MAYL (Materials Access to Your Library)). This is the process of selecting items through the catalog or over the phone and having them delivered to your door. Most of our deliveries are made by Priority Express Parcel (PEP), while the remainder are sent by U.S. Mail.

When the Library locates a copy of the title which you have requested, we will have it delivered to the address listed on your account at no charge to you. You also have the option to designate a particular Library location as your pick-up location rather than having home delivery.

Return of items is the responsibility of the patron, including return postage charges if returned by mail. You can also return items to any Library location. Please note that all Library locations have an after hours drop box.

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