When a title you've had on hold at your library is ready for you to check out, you will get a notification email. That email should contain a link that allows you to go directly to your account on your library's website.

Regardless of how you get there, checking out a held title that is now available to you is easy; just follow the steps below.

  1. Go to your library website, then log into the Account section.
  2. Click Holds to display a list of your held titles.
  3. Titles available for checkout will have an Add to Cart link that you can click to go through the checkout process.

Once you add a title to your cart, it only stays there for a limited amount of time (90 minutes) as noted by your library's website. Once the time is up, the title will go to the next person in the holds queue or back into the library collection.

To avoid missing out on your hold, make sure you complete the checkout within the allotted time.

Note: If you already have the maximum amount of titles checked out from your library, you will be unable to check anything out until you return something or a lending period expires.

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