What supplies were used for the NEA Big Read crafts?


The following items were used for the NEA Big Read crafts seen in the Craft Pack Videos.

Campfire Stories: Boondoggle

What we used:

  • 2 strands of plastic gimp cord in contrasting colors, 18″ each 
  • 1 split keyring

This works too:

  • 2 lengths of 18″ of the same material. For a final product that has good structure, try materials such as paracord, leather lacing or corded trim.  
  • If a key ring isn’t  your style, you may want to try a looseleaf binder ring or a carabiner.

Campfire Stories: Paper Sit Upon Mat

What we used:

  • brown kraft paper 24″ x 120″. This was cut into 8 strips of paper, 24″ x 15″ 

This works too:

  • Any paper will do! Newspaper, wrapping paper or butcher paper would all work well.  Just keep in mind that the final size of your mat is determined by the initial size of your paper

What else you’ll need:

  • coloring supplies, such as crayons or markers
  • scissors
  • clear tape
  • duct tape (optional, for finished edges)

Genie Bottle Craft: Hidden Wish & Paper Crane

What we used:

  • One 2” square, cut from a sheet of color printer paper
  • 24″ strand of yarn
  • 6″ length of ribbon
  • 10 strips of colored tissue paper
  • 20ml glass bottle with cork stopper

This works too:

  • Any paper will do! Thinner paper is easier to fold, so avoid materials such as cardstock.
  • In place of gluing yarn to your bottle, you may wish to use thread, a small fabric scrap or even glitter.
  • The ribbon is optional – decorate as feels right for you!
  • Tissue paper can be replaced with small strips of paper, such as crinkled bag filler or confetti.
  • Any small clear glass or plastic bottle with a secure lid will work, such as a baby food jars or small jam jar .

What else you’ll need:

  • school glue
  • paintbrush (optional, to spread the glue onto your bottle)
  • scissors
  • pen/pencil to write your wish

The Paper Crane video above provides instruction for folding your hidden wish into a crane. If you’d prefer a simpler fold (or even a more intricate fold!) , do what feels best for your wish. Be mindful of the size of your jar, as it will limit the size of your final product and may require that you reform your creation with tweezers once pushed inside.

Upcycling: Faery Handbag

What you’ll need:

  • An old T-shirt.  The final size of your bag is determined by the size of your T-shirt.
  • fabric scissors or fabric shears

Optional, but helpful to have:

  • ruler
  • washable marker

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