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2017 OCLS Kids and Teens Poetry Contest Winners

Poetry Contest

April was National Poetry Month and to celebrate the library invited kids and teens to participate in a county-wide poetry contest. Two winners were chosen, one from the 6-12 age range and one from the 13-18 age range.

Our 2017 Kids’ Poetry Contest winner is Seylah H. Seylah is seven-years-old and part of Orlando’s homeschooler community. For her winning poem, she received a family pack of tickets to the Crayola Experience located at the Florida Mall. Here is her award-winning poem:

“My Beautiful Garden”

I look out my window I see the sky,

I see the trees and the birds that fly.


I see the sun so very bright,

I see a lake what a wonderful sight.


I see flowers in the ground and clouds up so high,

I look to the left I see a butterfly!


The butterfly is graceful and very pretty,

It has beautiful colors even though it is itty bitty.


With the clouds so high and the lake so low

It is time for me to go.


I hope you liked my poem like I do,

You were the best audience, thank you.


Miousnaldy D. is our 2017 Teen Poetry Contest Winner. She wrote a beautiful, reverse poem called "Reflection." It is a reverse poem, because it can be read forward and backwards! For her winning poem, she received a gift card to Park Ave CDs on Corrine Drive. Give her poem a try!



What is behind that mirror?

It's a phrase never told

Spoken of or heard


Maybe it is

Another world!-

The insane says

Is it just a wall?

The wise questions-

What is real?


What's behind the mirror we see?

It's different for you and me

If these lines are ever reversed,

You'll see


Congratulations to our winners and thank you to everyone who participated!