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  • Switch to Libby

    Attention, OverDrive Users: It’s Time to Upgrade to Libby

    On May 1, 2023, the OverDrive app for iOS, Android, and Windows 8/10 will be discontinued. OverDrive users are encouraged to upgrade to the newer Libby app to browse, check out, and enjoy Orange County Library’s eBooks, audiobooks, and digital magazine collection. It’s time to give Libby a try! All your loans, holds, and wish…

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  • "K O D A C H R O M E: THE ICONIC COLOR FILM" with many squares for developed pictures.

    Kodachrome: The Iconic Color Film

    Kodachrome, produced by the company Kodak, is the oldest selling brand of color film in existence. Invented in 1935, it quickly became the standard film for cinematography and still photography. Notably, Kodachrome captured the first color photographs of historical events such as the Hindenburg’s disaster of 1937, the first climbers confirmed at the top of…

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  • From the Interim Director, August 2022

    From the Interim Director, August 2022

    The Summer Reading Program is the library’s busiest time of year, at least in terms of volume. But when summer ends, a lot of the library’s most important work begins. As parents are preparing their kids for their return to the classroom and teachers are making plans for what’s to come in the new year,…

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  • Overnight Science Experiments to Try at Home!

    Overnight Science Experiments to Try at Home!

    Due in no small part to the slow organic processes of our natural world, some scientific experiments demand more than the prescribed 30 to 40 minutes of a library event. Some require much more time to occur. Listed below are instructions on how to perform three awesome experiments at home over the course of a…

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  • 10 Bookish Instagram Accounts You Should Be Following

    10 Bookish Instagram Accounts You Should Be Following

    It’s safe to say social media has become a big part of our daily routine in the past few months. These platforms have helped keep us connected with each other in beautifully, creative way.  One of our favorite social platforms, Instagram, allows for over a billion users all around the world to share photos and…

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  • Open Hour with a Librarian

    Open Hour with a Librarian

    In the early days of the pandemic, when the library made the difficult choice to close its doors and offer services remotely, we received a lot of comments on social media from customers who were also struggling with how to navigate life in quarantine. A common theme that came up was wanting to know what…

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  • Tom on Podcasts

    Tom on Podcasts

    Tom Jelneck is the CEO of On Target Digital Marketing, a Maitland-based national marketing agency specializing in content creation, with an intriguing side hustle as Chief Coffee Brewer for his company Pure Grind Coffee. Tom came on Shelf Centered, the library’s new podcast, to talk about podcasting. Here are some excerpts from that interview. On…

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  • 3ScienceExperiments-01

    Three Fun Science Experiments to Do at Home

    Science is an essential tool for understanding how the world works. It is the process of analyzing data through experimentation and predictions. It can also give a middle school student the ability to make a paper-mache volcano that can spew vinegar, baking soda, and food coloring all over a nice kitchen floor. In this article,…

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  • Concerts in Quarantine with Stingray Qello

    Concerts in Quarantine with Stingray Qello

    If you’re anything like me, you’ve been missing live music during the stay at home order. Seeing talented musicians perform their craft uncut and imperfect with the energy of the crowd all around you is a feeling like nothing else. While we can’t check out our favorite local and touring bands for the foreseeable future,…

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  • Free Online Resources from Educational Technology Companies and Your Public Library

    Free Online Resources from Educational Technology Companies and Your Public Library

    In response to unprecedented school closures and the need for learning from home, School Library Journal published a list of resources that are currently available to students, educators, and parents during the COVID-19 outbreak. You can find these resources listed below in blue. Orange County Library System also makes available databases, listed in orange, that are free and…

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