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Tom on Podcasts

Tom on Podcasts

Tom Jelneck is the CEO of On Target Digital Marketing, a Maitland-based national marketing agency specializing in content creation, with an intriguing side hustle as Chief Coffee Brewer for his company Pure Grind Coffee. Tom came on Shelf Centered, the library’s new podcast, to talk about podcasting. Here are some excerpts from that interview.

On the appeal of podcasts

Listening to a podcast and just immersing yourself in someone’s story and conversation is an amazing relaxer. I get enriched from it, I learn; I love to learn. Also, I run and I found myself when I listen to music, I know when that song’s going to be over and my pace will slow down. So I started listening to podcasts as I run because it takes my brain off the pain in my shins or that I’m getting tired. 

On using podcasts for marketing

Audio is an amazing way of getting through to people. You can get that emotion out of voice. I think it adds an extra depth of personality, it adds an extra depth of feeling and humanity to a brand. I’ll work with companies that do real estate, I work with an amazing crisis communications person, I work tech guy. We build fun, creative shows that capture people’s attention.

On your podcast standing out

I’m talking to a couple right now, just graduated college, who love ghost hunting. They want to do a show because he doesn’t believe in it and she does believe in it. You’ve got a skeptic and a believer in ghosts and paranormal activity. A show like that would grab my attention like nobody’s business. 

It’s got to be different and unique. It can’t be monotone or boring – it reminds me of the NPR skit with the two ladies on Saturday Night Live “Good times. Good times.” We’ve just got to compel people with our personality, our voice, our inflection and bringing it every single time.


For the full interview, visit ocls.info/podcast, click on Shelf Centered and listen to Ep. 006: Pure Podcasting with Tom Jelneck.

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