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  • Halloween at Home

    Halloween at Home

    If you’re like me, and many other parents, you might be wondering how to keep the excitement and fright alive during Halloween this year for your child, while observing the guidelines recommended by the Centers for Disease Control (CDC). With help from library resources, here are my suggestions on how to have a safe, responsible…

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  • Preschool Fun: Fairies!

    Preschool Fun: Fairies!

    Since we’re continuing to celebrate all types of magical creatures this summer, let’s continue this week with fairies! Let’s start with some questions: What does a fairy look like? Are fairies big or little? Are they kind? Can you name a fairy? What would you name a fairy?   READ     Read any book you…

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  • Preschool Fun: Dragons!

    Preschool Fun: Dragons!

    Since it’s a magical and mythological summer at Orange County Library System, let’s talk about dragons this week! Let’s start with some questions:  What does a dragon look like? What does a dragon sound like? Are dragons big or little?  Are they kind?  Read: Read any book you may have that mentions dragons. If you don’t…

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  • PreschoolFunOceanAnimals-01

    Preschool Fun: Ocean Animals!

    Let’s have some fun under the sea today!  Let’s start with some questions:  What are some ocean animals?  What does a dolphin sound like?  What’s your FAVORITE ocean animal?  Can you swim like a whale?    Now, let’s read a book! Read any book you may have that mentions ocean animals. If you don’t have…

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  • 3ScienceExperiments-01

    Three Fun Science Experiments to Do at Home

    Science is an essential tool for understanding how the world works. It is the process of analyzing data through experimentation and predictions. It can also give a middle school student the ability to make a paper-mache volcano that can spew vinegar, baking soda, and food coloring all over a nice kitchen floor. In this article,…

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  • Preschool Fun: Robots!

    Preschool Fun: Robots!

    Beep. Boop. Bop. Today we’re talking robots! Let’s start with some questions: What is a robot?  What does a robot sound like? What does a robot look like?  What kind of robot would you build?  Now, let’s read a book Read any book you may have that mentions robots. If you don’t have one, try…

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  • Preschool Fun: Bubbles!

    Preschool Fun: Bubbles!

    Today we’re going to have some fun with bubbles! Don’t have any bubbles? No worries – we’ll make some in the end!   Let’s start with some questions:  Do you like blowing bubbles?  Can you show me how you blow bubbles? Can you dance in the bubbles?  What color are bubbles?    Now, let’s read…

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  • Art 101: Ancient Greek Pottery

    Art 101: Ancient Greek Pottery

    I normally teach our Art 101 events in-person, but since we’re unable to do that for the time being in this post I would like to share a little bit of information about ancient Greek pottery and how you can create your own Greek style flowerpot for your home. Pottery served many functions in ancient Greek…

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  • Discover a New Hobby

    Discover a New Hobby

    Staying at home when you are not used to it can be stressful and super boring. One way to help alleviate both is by taking up a new hobby. As someone who loves mastering new skills, I have learned a few things about how to get started.   1. Choose a Hobby You’ll Like Do you enjoy…

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  • Preschool Fun: Cars!

    Preschool Fun: Cars!

    New Friday, new theme! Welcome to our weekly series, Preschool Fun. Today our activities center around something we aren’t using much right now, but kids still love. That’s right, CARS!   Start by asking your child a few questions. It’s important to let them express themselves and feel their opinions are validated. Plus, it’s neat…

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