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Preschool Fun: Dragons!

Preschool Fun: Dragons!

Since it’s a magical and mythological summer at Orange County Library System, let’s talk about dragons this week!

Let’s start with some questions: 

  • What does a dragon look like?
  • What does a dragon sound like?
  • Are dragons big or little? 
  • Are they kind? 


Read any book you may have that mentions dragons. If you don’t have one, try a digital title! Or, you can order a book from the library. We’ll also make a dragon book at the end.


Do you know Head Shoulders Knees and Toes? Let’s sing about a dragon in the same tune!

Horns and fangs, knees and claws, knees and claws, 
Horns and fangs, knees and claws, knees and claws,
Eyes, ears, tail and paws,
Horns and fangs, knees and claws, knees and claws.

Can you sing it slower? Can you sing it faster? Can you sing it much faster? 


Did you know some of your favorite picture books have short films that go with them? Check out the Dragon Loves Tacos clip!


Make your own dragon eggs! Get some rocks from outside and paint them. Imagine what a dragon egg would look like! Are they bright? Are they big? Are they swirly? 


Let’s make a dragon head! Get a toilet paper tube and make it the color you want it to be. (Paint it, color it, cover it with construction paper, whatever you’d like!) Glue two pom poms towards the back for eyes. Add google eyes onto the pom poms. (If you do not have pompoms, you can use cotton balls. If you do not have google eyes, you can cut small black circles out of construction paper). Glue two pom poms towards the front for its nose. Glue tissue paper inside the tube to make the fire breath. (If you do not have tissue paper, you can use normal paper or even toilet paper!)

Last, make your own dragon book!

  • Staple papers together and have each page represent a different color dragon.
  • Write (or have your child write) “This is a ____ dragon” on each page. (e.g. This is green dragon.)
  • Illustrate! Draw or cut out pictures for each page.