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  • Paw Patrol Live! Heroes Unite.

    The PAW Patrol Are Calling All Heroes in Nickelodeon and Vstar’s All-New Live Show Paw Patrol Live! “Heroes Unite”

    Coming to Orlando August 10 & 11 for four PAWsome Shows! A limited number of family four-pack tickets will be available free with your library card through Local Wanderer, the library’s culture pass program. Nickelodeon and VStar Entertainment Group proudly present PAW Patrol Live! “Heroes Unite.” This brand-new production is an interactive live stage show,…

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  • Graphic that says, "Best Books of the Year, As Chosen by a 7 and 4-Year-Old" featuring the children reading in and next to a bookcase.

    Best Books of the Year, As Chosen by a 7 and 4-Year-Old

    It’s not surprising that the children of a librarian are enormous readers. Am I required to bring them home at least two books each, every day I go to work? Yes. Do they tell me exactly which books they love, and which ones are a disappointment? Absolutely. Do they make use of their three renewals…

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  • Preschool Fun: Dragons!

    Preschool Fun: Dragons!

    Since it’s a magical and mythological summer at Orange County Library System, let’s talk about dragons this week! Let’s start with some questions:  What does a dragon look like? What does a dragon sound like? Are dragons big or little?  Are they kind?  Read: Read any book you may have that mentions dragons. If you don’t…

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  • Preschool Fun: Bubbles!

    Preschool Fun: Bubbles!

    Today we’re going to have some fun with bubbles! Don’t have any bubbles? No worries – we’ll make some in the end!   Let’s start with some questions:  Do you like blowing bubbles?  Can you show me how you blow bubbles? Can you dance in the bubbles?  What color are bubbles?    Now, let’s read…

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  • Preschool Fun: Kittens!

    Preschool Fun: Kittens!

    Welcome to another week of Preschool Fun! Several weeks ago, we highlighted puppies and I heard kittens were a bit jealous. So, this week – we honor our feline friends.  Let’s start by asking your child a few questions:  What sound do kittens make?  What do kittens grow up to be?  Do kittens walk on two…

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  • Preschool Fun: Farm Animals!

    Preschool Fun: Farm Animals!

    Knock knock. (Who’s there?)Cows go. (Cows go who?)NO! Cows go moo! In case you haven’t figured it out, this week’s preschool theme is farm animals! So, let’s have some fun!  Start by asking your child a few questions. This lets you hear their thoughts and makes them feel heard!  Where do cows live?  What sound…

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  • Preschool Fun: Dinosaurs!

    Preschool Fun: Dinosaurs!

    What do you call a sleeping dinosaur? A dino-snore! This week we’re all about dinosaurs, so let’s go have a roaring good time. Let’s start by asking your child a few questions: Tell me about dinosaurs! What does a dinosaur sound like? What’s your favorite dinosaur?   Next, read any book you might have on…

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  • Free Online Resources from Educational Technology Companies and Your Public Library

    Free Online Resources from Educational Technology Companies and Your Public Library

    In response to unprecedented school closures and the need for learning from home, School Library Journal published a list of resources that are currently available to students, educators, and parents during the COVID-19 outbreak. You can find these resources listed below in blue. Orange County Library System also makes available databases, listed in orange, that are free and…

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  • From the Director, March 2020

    From the Director, March 2020

    Parents, we know it can be tough to keep your kids busy when school’s out of session. So, our staff has come up with a series of fun, creative spring camps to help beat the boredom. This month, we’ll host programming at multiple locations during spring break that’ll give your kids a chance to sample…

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