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Best Books of the Year, As Chosen by a 7 and 4-Year-Old

Graphic that says, "Best Books of the Year, As Chosen by a 7 and 4-Year-Old" featuring the children reading in and next to a bookcase.

It’s not surprising that the children of a librarian are enormous readers. Am I required to bring them home at least two books each, every day I go to work? Yes. Do they tell me exactly which books they love, and which ones are a disappointment? Absolutely. Do they make use of their three renewals for favorites? You know it. So, like previous years, here’s a list of their favorite books read and released this year. As always, this is not a comprehensive list. They, unfortunately, cannot read every book released; many apologies for those items they missed.

4-Year-Old’s Favorites:

Bubbles / Blankie 

My older daughter is a big fan of the Narwhal and Jelly books, so it was fun introducing her sister to the characters in a book made for the younger set. A narwhal (named Narwhal) and jellyfish (named Jelly) learn about different types of bubbles and use their imagination when they find a blanket.


The Perfect Plan 

A little girl wants to build a treehouse but realizes she may be too small. So she adjusts her plan and asks the forest animals for help. Kind of an ethereal book, it’s beautiful, and she was very enamored with it.


The Bruce Swap 

The Bruce books are about a curmudgeon of a bear, are always fun, but M especially liked The Bruce Swap, where Bruce’s fun brother comes and makes a mess of things.


There’s a Witch in Your Book 

M recently discovered the Who’s In Your Book series and finds them very fun. She loves interactive books where the reader is asked to tap, swish, turn, or, in this case, say silly words.


Cook in a Book Series 

New arrivals to the library, the Cook in a Book board books are illustrated interactive recipes. They allow kids to mix, flip, etc. Super fun! M got really into cooking all the foods after reading the books. (Actually, eating the foods is another story, but she’s four, so…)


Be an Expert Books 

These are super simple, super vivid non-fiction books about a variety of topics. M loved learning about ocean animals, pets, and bugs.


7-Year-Old’s Favorites:

Cardboard Kingdom: Roar of the Beast 

Cardboard Kingdom was a long-running favorite, so it’s no surprise she devoured the sequel. A wonderfully diverse graphic novel about the power of imagination, friendship, and opening up.


Dog Man series (This year release: Dog Man Mothering Heights)

 Who doesn’t love Dog Man? About a dog and cop fused together, it’s both incredibly wacky, and thoughtful. The newest was an equal hit.


Amethyst, Princess of Gemworld 

A princess is sent to Earth and must learn to live among the commoners, only to forget who she is until she’s sent back to Gemworld to save the day. A great superhero tale about facing who you are, and what you’re capable of becoming.


The Truth About series (This year release: The Truth about Parrots)

The Truth About books feature a little girl learning about different animals. They’re full of fun facts and silly asides. L finds them fascinating.


Ordinary People Change the World biographies (This year releases include I Am Frida Kahlo and I Am Oprah Winfrey

 L loves the Ordinary People Change the World biographies. They’re bright, bold and incredibly inspiring.


A Comic Book Guide to Growing Food 

Perhaps a strange one for this list, as it’s an adult graphic novel, however, it’s easy enough for a kid to understand. She took the copy I was reading, and read it several times afterward, telling me what types of plants we should add to our garden. We literally created a new garden from the tips in this book! (While these are her favorite books that were released this year, her other favorite books read to include the entire Jedi Academy series, and Sisters.)


So that’s their 2021. I can’t wait to see what 2022 brings in their reading journey!

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