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Preschool Fun: Kittens!

Preschool Fun: Kittens!

Welcome to another week of Preschool Fun! Several weeks ago, we highlighted puppies and I heard kittens were a bit jealous. So, this week – we honor our feline friends. 

Let’s start by asking your child a few questions: 

  • What sound do kittens make? 
  • What do kittens grow up to be? 
  • Do kittens walk on two legs like us? Can you walk like a kitten? 
  • What color are kittens? 
  • What do kittens feel like? 


Next, read a book.

Read any book you have that has kittens/cats on it. Don’t have one? No worries! You can check out a digital one from the library. For instance, try a Pete the Cat book! And as always, we’ll make a book at the end. 


Song Time!

Speaking of Pete the Cat, enjoy official videos and songs on his website! After, sing “If You’re a Kitty and You Know It” to the tune of “If You’re Happy and You Know It” 

If you’re a kitty and you know it, say “meow!”
If you’re a kitty and you know it, say “meow!”
If you’re a kitty and you know it and you really want to show it
If you’re a kitty and you know it, say “meow!”
(After, you can wag your tail, drink your milk, and do all three!)


Game Time!

I always encourage children to get up and go, so for this activity, they’ll be acting like a kitten. Call out cues for them and have them creep and run and pounce around outside. 

  • Kitty cat creep around
  • Kitty cat roll on the ground
  • Kitty cat POUNCE!
  • Kitty cat creep real low
  • Kitty cat tap your toe
  • Kitty cat POUNCE!
  • Kitty cat stretch high
  • Kitty cat jump to the sky
  • Kitty cat POUNCE! 
  • Add your own! 

Also, work on emotions and have them meow as a kitty would:

  • Meow loud! Meow soft.
  • Meow excited! Meow scared.
  • Meow happy! Meow sad.
  • Meow angry! Meow glad. 


Science time!

Kittens have a tendency to knock things over. Stack blocks, boxes, toilet paper tubes, anything that can make a little tower city. See how high you can make it. What makes it sturdy? What makes it fall? (Measure with tape measurer to add math!) Then, knock it down! Try again, and this time try to walk all around it without knocking it down.


Craft time!

Let’s make a kitty face! Cut out a circle (or use a paper plate). This will be the kitten’s head. Cut out eyes and glue them inside (or use google eyes). Cut out a triangular nose and ears and glue them on. Draw a mouth. Add whiskers (can be pipe cleaners or just drawn on). Glue a popsicle stick on the bottom for a puppet!

Last, make your own cat book!

  • Staple papers together and have each page represent a different cat.
  • Write (or have your child write) “This is cat is ____” (This is a standing. This cat is sitting. This cat is crawling.)
  • Illustrate! (Draw, color, cut out pictures from magazines, print out pictures, etc.)