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5 Books to Get Your Kids Started in Programming


Does your child love video games? And do they ever wonder how they’re made? Learning how to code is an important part of literacy in today’s world. There are many books in the library that can get you started at any age. With so many books to choose from, it can get tricky. Whether you are a kid or a kid at heart, look at the list below of some of our favorites and find the book (or books!) right for you.

Hello Ruby by Linda Liukas (Ages 4-8)

A great introduction to programming, this book requires no computer use. Children as young as four learn the basic concepts programming while reading a fun story about Ruby and her friends. The book also provides fun activities to continue learning coding principles. 

The Official ScratchJr Book : Help Your Kids Learn to Code  by Marina Umaschi Bers and Mitchel Resnick (Ages 5-8)

This book is a guide for parents to use as a companion to Scratch Jr. It has several hands-on exercises that help kids develop the necessary skill to move up to Scratch and then onto other more advanced languages. Even if parents know nothing or little about coding, they can use the step-by-step exercises to guide their children along. Scratch Jr. and Scratch were developed by MIT and are a really great introduction to programming.

Coding Games in Scratch : a Step-by-Step Visual Guide to Building Your Own Computer Games by Jon Woodcock (Ages 8-12)

Scratch is a programming language based on dragging and dropping a series of blocks that give the computer instructions. This book allows kids to follow simple step-by-step code they can test, fix and ultimately play. The instructions are simple enough that no adult supervision is needed. Scratch is web-based, free, and can also be downloaded as an application into your computer.

*Python for Kids : A Playful Introduction to Programming by Jason R. Briggs (Ages 10 and older)

Python is one of the most popular and widely used programming languages. Python for Kids is a great introduction even for adults. Unlike Scratch, where you create code by dragging and dropping blocks, Python requires typing the code so it is suggested for older kids, 10 and up. *Download the software free at python.org

So, You Want to Be a Coder?: The Ultimate Guide to a Career in Programming, Video Game Creation, Robotics, and More! by J.M. Bedell (Ages 8-12)

This book is not a guide on how to code, but rather it allows the reader to explore careers in computer programming. It includes stories from young coders and also from industry professionals. It’s a great read for children and parents alike.

So there you have it! 5 great books to get you started coding and exploring the world of programming. Do you have any favorite coding books or recommendations? Let us know in the comment below.

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