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7 Books to Spring Into Gardening


The first day of Springalso known as the Vernal Equinoxofficially began today at 6:29 a.m. EDT. In numerous cultures, this transition marks an opportunity for new beginnings. Here are seven book recommendations from library staff to spring into gardening this year. Plus, we've included a free coloring sheet for you to enjoy at the very end of this post!

1. The Bee-Friendly Garden by Kate Frey and Gretchen LeBuhn

Despite their reputation, there are many benefits to maintaining a bee garden. Learn how to create your very own organic, pesticide-free and ecologically sustainable garden through this beautifully illustrated book written by an award-winning garden designer and a bee expert.


2. The Water-Saving Garden by Pam Penick

Those who live in drought-prone regions will find this book helpful in achieving successful results with gardening while relying on minimal water. Readers can page through a directory of 100 plants that are appropriate for dry areas.


3. The Drunken Botanist by Amy Stewart

This New York Times bestseller, tells the history and etymology of various herbs, flowers, fruits and more that have been used in creating the iconic alcoholic beverage we all know and enjoy. Included in this book are also tips for gardeners and recipes for more than 50 drinks.


4. Container Theme Gardens by Nancy J. Ondra

If you’re intimidated by some of the more elaborate approaches to gardening or simply lacking the real estate to invest in a large garden, this book offers simple and easy-to-follow ideas for 42 different container arrangements.


5. Grow Cook Eat by Willi Galloway

Featuring gorgeous, rich photography, Grow Cook Eat teaches food lovers how to engage with their food from digging through soil to piercing into a vegetable with your fork. Readers with more gardening experience can also learn how to fine-tune their skills and how to harvest all edible parts of a plant.


6. The Reason for Flowers by Stephen Buchmann

Flowers tell us about history, culture and more. Writer Stephen Buchmann takes us on a fascinating journey to learn how flowers play an important role in our foods, medicines, spices, perfumes and art.


7. The Plant Recipe Book by Baylor Chapman

The follow-up to the popular Flower Recipe Book demonstrates how to create eye-catching and functional living plant décor. Each “recipe” includes the plants and quantity needed, step-by-step instructions and exceptional photographs.

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