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  • Title: Q&A with Artist Jamile B. Johnson. Image: Jamile B Johnson hanging his artwork at Orlando Public Library

    Q&A with artist Jamile B. Johnson

    Visual artist Jamile B. Johnson’s Tanager is the newest art installation at Orlando Public Library. On Thursday, April 18, from 4:30 to 6:30 p.m. Johnson will host a meet the artist event in Orlando Public Library’s Albertson Room. His original pieces and prints will be available for sale. Why did you begin to create art? …

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  • Learn More About The Women in the Arts Expo

    Learn More About the Women in the Arts Expo

    Over the past 13 years, Orange County Library System has helped support women in the arts by hosting the annual Women in the Arts Awards. This year, the event has shifted to an expo. We were able to catch up with the founder and executive director of Women in the Arts Inc., Maria Guerrero, to…

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  • Orlando Ballet, Reflections, 50th Anniversary Celebratt

    Celebrate Orlando Ballet’s 50th Anniversary Season with Reflections

    Are you ready to be swept off your feet by the enchanting world of dance and celebrate 50 years of Orlando Ballet‘s incredible journey? Get ready to embark on a captivating and inspiring adventure as Orlando Ballet kicks off its 50th Anniversary Season with Reflections: 50th Anniversary Celebration. Reflections: A Glimpse into the Past and…

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  • Q&A with Emily Coughlan, Albin Polasek Museum Curator

    Q&A with Emily Coughlan, Albin Polasek Museum Curator

    For the readers who haven’t had a chance to visit the Polasek Museum how would you describe it? Founded in 1961, the Albin Polasek Museum & Sculpture Gardens preserves the over 200 piece collection of world-renowned Czech American sculptor Albin Polasek (1879–1965). Listed on the National Register of Historic Places, the museum is part of…

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  • Preschool Fun: Art!

    Preschool Fun: Art!

    Let’s read, sing, and make some art! These activities are based on Every Child Ready to Read, which helps our friends learn pre-reading skills. We’ll cover Reading, Writing, Talking, Singing and Playing.   TALKING: Do you like to draw? What do you like to draw?  Do you like to paint? What do you like to…

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  • Enjoying Orlando Safely

    Enjoying Orlando Safely

    If you are like me, you are out of content to stream, tired of sitting at home and bored of cleaning your house. We all want to remain safe but have an ardent desire to go out and return to a bit of normalcy! Thankfully, there are some local Orlando spots that want that for…

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  • Our History Speaks Volumes: Light Waves Sculpture

    Our History Speaks Volumes: Light Waves Sculpture

    Created by artist Christopher Janney, Light Waves is a unique glass sculpture comprised of four colored bands that bathe the western facade of Orlando Public Library in different spectrums of color depending on the position of the sun. The sculpture also includes a series of touch plates which, when pressed in a specific order, will…

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  • Art 101: Ancient Greek Pottery

    Art 101: Ancient Greek Pottery

    I normally teach our Art 101 events in-person, but since we’re unable to do that for the time being in this post I would like to share a little bit of information about ancient Greek pottery and how you can create your own Greek style flowerpot for your home. Pottery served many functions in ancient Greek…

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  • art is moving

    OCLS is Taking Part in Art is Moving

    This week, if you’re riding on SunRail, look before you sit – is there a little journal labeled “Open Me” on a seat near you? If so, don’t be shy. Open it, grab the writing implement of your choice and write, sketch or draw something that inspires you. The journals were created right here at…

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