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  • Jack Reacher

    Which is Better? The Book or the Movie?

    It's the age old question—which is better: the book or the movie? Most readers usually say the book but why is that? Is it because the book came first? Is it because you spend two hours watching a movie, but days reading a book? Reading can give you a deeper understanding of what’s going on…

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  • girl reading

    14 Romance Novels to Read This Valentine’s Day

    Valentine's Day—or Saint Valentine's Day as it also known—is an internationally recognized holiday that centers on a celebration of love. And while the holiday was not always a romantic or sentimental celebration, the earliest presence of these ideas can be found in the 14th Century when Geoffrey Chaucer and other writers explored the concept of…

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  • home

    6 Books to Refresh Your Home in 2017

    A new year gives us the opportunity to restart or even refresh areas of our lives. Our homes can be a haven but can also cause us unnecessary stress in our lives. Sometimes the way we organize – or don’t organize – our living spaces can contribute to feelings of overwhelm or dissatisfaction. As you…

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  • Sunshine State Author Series

    An Interview with Jason Reynolds & Brendan Kiely

    The Sunshine State Author Series brings top-notch writers of children’s and young adult literature to Orange County for public readings, writing workshops and visits with students to spark interest in reading. Library staff member Lauren Mathur had the privilege of interviewing two of this year's participants, authors Jason Reynolds and Brendan Kiely. They are the…

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North Orange Branch Closure

North Orange Branch is closed for repair. A date for reopening has yet to be established. Learn more about the North Orange Branch closing >