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  • Five Shonen Jump Manga Recommendations!

    Five Shonen Jump Manga Recommendations!

    With Demon Slayer: The Movie – Mugen Train (2020) sweeping the Japanese and American box office, it has become apparent that a huge audience exists for the genre of Japanese manga and anime. Who could be surprised? Manga showcases some of the most fascinating artwork, bombastic storylines and colorful characters in any modern medium. If…

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  • Five Great Graphic Novels for Teens and Adults

    Five Great Graphic Novels for Teens and Adults

    There exists an unwanted stigma around graphic novels. They are too dark and gritty, some say. The format of this art style does not match with the serious tone of dark narratives, some say. Graphic novels are just comic books with blood, language, and mature themes, some say. None of these three descriptions fully capture…

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  • Some of the Best Marvel Comics Available for Free With Hoopla

    Some of the Best Marvel Comics Available for Free with Hoopla

    The date is May 3, 2006. I am a junior in high school and as of yet unencumbered by the difficult decisions of adulthood. Yet, for several months I have felt conflicted. Everywhere I look, people are asking me, “whose side are you on?” As if it was that easy. On one side there was…

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  • 3 Must Read Black Panther Series

    Three Must-Read Black Panther Series

    With a seemingly endless supply of blockbuster releases, Marvel Studios is no stranger to box office success. However if the record-breaking advance ticket sales for their newest upcoming release Black Panther are any indication, the studio may find itself responsible for the production of a cultural phenomenon. So, with such a rabid fan base, why…

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  • Geek Pride Day

    Geek Pride Day

    “Being a nerd is not about what you love, it’s about the way that you love it.” – Wil Wheaton Geek Pride Day (Día del orgullo friki) was first proposed and organized on May 25, 2006 by Spanish blogger Germán Martínez as a celebration of all things geeky. What started as a small, local meetup…

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