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    Rick Riordan Presents

    If you haven’t heard of the popular author Rick Riordan, now may be the time to start listening. In September 2016 Riordan, author of the Percy Jackson and the Olympians series, announced through Publisher’s Weekly that he would be creating an imprint with Disney in response to commonly asked questions like “Will you be writing…

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  • 3 Must Read Black Panther Series

    Three Must-Read Black Panther Series

    With a seemingly endless supply of blockbuster releases, Marvel Studios is no stranger to box office success. However if the record-breaking advance ticket sales for their newest upcoming release Black Panther are any indication, the studio may find itself responsible for the production of a cultural phenomenon. So, with such a rabid fan base, why…

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  • An Interview with Margarita Engle

    An Interview with Margarita Engle

    Margarita Engle is a multi-award winning, Cuban-American author of children, teen and adult literature. She is the reigning Young People’s Poet Laureate and is the first Latino to be chosen for the prestigious honor. For Hispanic Heritage Month, Margarita Engle, along with illustrator Mike Curato, will be visiting our Chickasaw Branch to talk about their…

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