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  • Great A24 Films on Kanopy

    Great A24 Films on Kanopy

    Few independent studios have been as prolific and interesting as A24, a studio responsible for recent films such as The Lighthouse (2019), Midsommar (2019) and The Farewell (2019). In addition to their rising prestige in the independent film scene, A24 has created some fantastic movies. Thankfully, most of them are available on Kanopy, a streaming service…

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  • Melrose Film Festival

    An Interview with David Maire: Melrose Film Festival Selection

    The first-ever Melrose Film Festival will be held Saturday, September 15 in the Melrose Center at the Orlando Public Library. For this showcase of short films, the Melrose Center received 2,800 submissions from all over the world and curated them to 58. The films will be presented in 30 minutes sessions interspersed with featured speakers…

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