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  • National Library Week

    National Library Week: OCLS Book Bike

    My name is Kaylie Pasternak, and I will be taking you through this year’s National Library Week at Orange County Library System! National Library Week is a time to bring libraries to light and show support for all they do. Today, I will focus on the outreach that OCLS does, specifically through the new book…

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  • Design rendering of the future Horizon West branch.

    Looking Ahead to Our Bright Future

    You’ve heard us say it all year long: At OCLS, we’re proud of what we accomplished in the past, and we’re looking forward to a bright future for our library system. Over the past year, we’ve focused on sharing our story and showing you how the past 100 years have shaped us. As we wind…

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  • From the Director, August 2023

    From the Director, August 2023

    On January 7, when we officially kicked off our 100 Year Celebration, we shared the news that Sorosis of Orlando Woman’s Club had donated $100,000 to help us bring mobile services back to Orange County. We’re using that money to support the purchase of book bikes and a bookmobile that can help us get books,…

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  • From the Director, June 2023

    From the Director, June 2023

    I grew up in rural northeast Pennsylvania. When I was a kid, my access to the library was limited to school or visiting a bookmobile. As a result, I feel like I missed out on a lot of opportunities to discover the world through books. I didn’t get to experience the journeys they can take…

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  • Library Kicks Off 100 Year Celebration

    Library Kicks Off 100 Year Celebration

    On January 7, Orange County Library System kicked off its 100 Year Celebration with a daylong event at the Orlando Public Library that featured a ceremony dedicating the library to the community for the next 100 years, live music and activities for all ages. The library also announced at the event that, thanks to a…

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