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Bucket List at the Library in 2019


Many of us set goals at the beginning of a new year. In fact, according to The Washington Post, 40% of us do so! From volunteering more with local charities to improving our health, we set all sorts of goals and ambitions that are meaningful, but data shows that 80% of people are unable to ever complete these goals. Studies also show that certain factors are important as to whether or not one can achieve their goals. 

In reflecting on what goals one could set in 2019 (myself included), I realized that what so many seem to take for granted are the totally free and accessible resources provided to you to reach these goals through your local library. Experts say that in order to achieve your goals you should take such measures as making your goals simple, developing a system to track your progress, and finding an accountability partner or team. It occurs to me that many of these necessary parts are already available to you with a library card. So, below, I’ve put together a simple list of goals you can attempt to achieve through using totally free library resources. Consider it your “Bucket List” for 2019 at the library. 


  1. Learn a new language with Mango Languages.
  2. Acquire new skills in digital media or web design with classes from the Melrose Center.
  3. Discover new recipes and explore international cuisines by attending our Cuisine Corner series.
  4. Listen to a new book each week of the year via one of our audiobook lenders (and track those books and your progress on Beanstack).
  5. Go the environmentally friendly route and learn to make your very own clothes with our sewing classes.
  6. Visit every single library branch in 2019 and meet our staff (who would gladly support and cheer you on in achieving your goals).
  7. Write the next great American novel with skills learned in our Writers Corner series.
  8. Get your health in gear with yoga, Pilates, Zumba and more.
  9. Start saving for retirement or begin investing with guidance from our authoratative financial databases.
  10. Do something good for your community and become a Friends of the Library volunteer. 


There you have it! Here are 10 tangible ways you can improve yourself and your overall being by taking advantage of resources that are waiting to be used. Tell us which goal you want to challenge yourself to meet in 2019.

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