From the Director, March 2019

March 1, 2019 | Mary Anne Hodel
From the Director March 2019

When you think of the library, what comes to mind? Perhaps you think of it as the place you visited as a child, where you learned to sit quietly while you listened to adults reading you stories. Maybe you think of it as the place you went in college to escape the din of your dorm room so you could study for exams. Or maybe you think of it as a place where you brought your children to teach them the value of books and reading. 

The library is still all of these things, but now I want to challenge you to think of it as something more. What if the library were a place where you could go to learn to use Adobe Illustrator and take the first step on your path to becoming a graphic designer? What if it were a place where you could grow your small business using free resources you can access in person or from the comfort of your own home? What if it were a place where you could connect with people like you – parents with young children, creatives who want to network with other professionals, book lovers who want to attend book discussions and meetups

The Orange County Library System is all of those things and more. Starting this month, we’ll be using the tagline Learn. Grow. Connect. to talk about our services and to show you how much more the library has to offer than you may know. Even if you’re a voracious library user, I bet there are still things you’ll be surprised you can do using your library card – all for free. 

Browse the March issue of the Library's Books & Beyond newsletter to find something new happening at a library location near you. From Spring Break Camps, where kids can learn about dinosaurs to our new Hooks and Books crochet and book club, to genealogy programs where you can connect to the past, we’ve got plenty of opportunities for you to learn, grow and connect with us. 

Mary Anne Hodel, Director/CEO

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