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Fun Riddles and Brainteasers to Wrap Your Mind Around

Fun Riddles and Brainteasers to Wrap Your Mind Around

Typically when someone asks another person a riddle, they are left with dire consequences should they fail to answer correctly. You get eaten if a sphinx asks you and you fail. If Gollum from J.R.R. Tolkien’s The Hobbit asks you and you fail, you’ll get eaten as well. If you fail to answer the riddles on this post, the consequences are even greater. You smack yourself on the head after you find the answer at the end of this blog post and think to yourself, “How did I not think of that!?” The terror of a person’s wounded pride is a frightening thing. Can you answer these riddles and brainteasers? Scroll down and find out!


Riddle #1

I look flat, but I am deep,

Hidden realms I shelter.

Lives I take, but food I offer.

At times I am beautiful.

I can be calm, angry and turbulent.

I have no heart, but offer pleasure as well as death.

No man can own me, yet I encompass what all men must have.

What am I?


Riddle #2 

Only one color, but not one size, 

Stuck at the bottom, yet easily flies; 

Present in sun, but not in rain; 

Doing no harm, and feeling no pain.

What am I?


Riddle #3 

You are given a round birthday cake and asked to make equal-sized pieces with only three straight cuts.

How many equal-sized pieces can you make with a knife and without moving of the pieces?


Riddle #4 

You are in a room with three light switches. Each switch controls one of three light bulbs in a room next to you. All of the switches are currently down and in the off position, and all of the light bulbs in the other room are off.

If you only have one chance to enter the light bulb room, how can you determine which switches go with which bulbs?


Were you able to solve the riddles? Congratulations if you were! If they stumped you, do not worry about it. These were tough riddles! If you are interested in reading about more riddles and brainteasers, be sure to browse Orange County Library System’s collection online. Check out The Everything Kids’ Giant Book of Jokes, Riddles, and Brain Teasers by Michael Dahl if you want more great riddles and brainteasers! I wish your brains good luck! 


Highlight the black box to reveal the answers!

Riddle Answer #1:

The ocean.

Riddle Answer #2:

A shadow.

Riddle Answer #3:

Cut the cake down middle, splitting it into two pieces. Then, cut down the middle of the two pieces to make four equal pieces. Lastly, make a horizontal cut across the center of the cake to split the four pieces into eight.

Riddle Answer #4:

Turn the first light switch off. Turn the second light switch on. Leave the third off. Wait 15 minutes and turn the second light switch off. Now, enter the light bulb room. One light bulb will be on and controlled by the first switch because it is the only switch turned on. Of the two bulbs remaining, both of which are off, one will be hot to the touch because it was left on for 15 minutes. The second switch controls this bulb. The final switch which was off the whole time controls the light bulb that is off and not hot.

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