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Great Short Story Collections to Keep You Occupied

Great Short Story Collections to Keep You Occupied

In a variety of contexts, storytellers are obligated to provide readers, or audiences, with engrossing tales of struggle, love, tragedy, comedy and horror. Some storytellers write these stories within the span of 400 pages while other writers choose to write these same types of stories in less than 100 pages. In either case, the result is still the same from the reader. Happiness, sadness with tears likely to follow, and a distinct feeling of satisfaction. The authors in this blog post captured attention by overwhelming their readers with a vast number of short stories, each with distinct themes and interesting voices to showcase. Here are several collections that are particularly good.


Florida by Lauren Groff

This collection is a kaleidoscopic examination of Floridian culture, history and environment from the past two hundred years. While you may not find a bizarre story of a man throwing an alligator into a McDonald’s drive through, you will find powerful stories that reinforce the beautiful but also dark complexities of Florida life. Just because these short stories are short does not mean that they do not hit hard. These stories hit like congestion on I-4!


The Complete Stories by Flannery O’Connor

O’Connor is regarded by American scholars as one of the greatest American short story writers who ever lived, and for good reason. Her writing wonderfully illustrates how self-obsession and poor self-examination can result in terrible prejudices, bad decisions and awful communication between different people. Oozing with magnificent prose and meaningful symbolism, her writing is as tragic as her death at the age of 39. An absolute must-read for short story fans! 


Men Without Women by Haruki Murakami

Rendered with heart-aching sadness and loneliness, this collection of short stories regards the feelings of several men after they lose the women they love. The writing is poignantly written under Murakami’s signature wit, supplying these stories with humor and dejectedness. If you are seeking a heart-wrenching collection of stories, this collection just might do the trick. 


The Thing Around Your Neck by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie

An astonishing list of stories from one of the greatest modern writers on social justice, The Thing Around Your Neck concerns various tales about the obstacles of different immigrants from many backgrounds. Each story is packed with colorful writing, heartbreaking scenarios and eloquent prose. 


The Complete Short Stories by Ernest Hemingway 

Substantial like the bibliography of its writer, this short story collection is a compendium of marvelous stories written by one of the most well-regarded American writers of the 20th Century. Hemingway supplies his signature writing style and attention to subtlety to his posthumously delivered assortment. 


Luckily, all these items are available for Orange County library cardholders to check out from our branches or for home delivery. As with all short articles, there are many short story collections that were not listed. Please feel free to list your recommended short story collections in the comments below!