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Learn to Make Soap

Learn to Make Soap

I have always been interested in art. As a teenager I would decorate t-shirts with paint and glitter and I also loved to draw. Not long ago, I became interested in the art of soap making as an alternative to store-bought brands. As we've probably seen in the news and online, there are various chemicals that can be too abrasive and harsh on our delicate skin as well as harmful to the environment. 

Since relaxing in the bath or shower has always been a preferred choice in self-care, I wanted to be more mindful of the soap I was using. To learn how to make my own soap, I decided to check my local library, of course! The library has quite a few books on soap and the art of soap-making. I was able to learn the essentials of creating my own homemade soap from scratch. It wasn’t an easy process, and I actually felt like a scientist at times, but after I successfully made my first batch it was absolutely wonderful! I was even able to share with friends and family.

If you are interested in the art of making your own soap, here are a few that I think will help you get started making your very own homemade soaps:

Making Soaps & Scents by Catherine Bardey

Soap: Making It, Enjoying It by Ann Bramson

Soaps, Shampoos, & Other Suds: Make Beautiful Gifts to Give (or Keep) by Kelly Reno