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Money Talks for Women: A Conversation with Jane Tracy


From May 22 through June 26, the Orlando Public Library will host Money Talks for Women, a six-week series to learn about saving, investing and more. To find out about this and other finance related events in May, visit ocls.info/money. Reference Librarian Jane Tracy, who planned and coordinated this series, sat down with staff member Luis A. Rivera to discuss why having knowledge about money is important to women.


Luis A. Rivera: The library is hosting a Money Talks for Women program this month. Who is Money Talks for Women for?

Jane Tracy: The Money Talks for Women program is for individuals seeking to further educate themselves about personal finance, investing, consumer confidence and female decision making concerning money.


LAR: What can participants expect to gain from attending this six-week series?

JT: Participants will have the opportunity to explore investment resources in a comfortable environment with friendly conversation and mutual support for the realization of their financial goals and well-being.


LAR: Many individuals encounter tough situations that prove to be challenging. What are some of the issues women face concerning money?

JT: Studies show that while females make many of the decisions concerning household purchases, they lack education and confidence when it comes to financial literacy and investing. Yet, they are proven leaders when they pursue their course in financial markets. Whether financial planning for single navigation or family planning, it benefits everyone to have a firm understanding of their personal financial needs and knowledge of the investor tools available to them. This is especially true for women who often live longer and will have the responsibility of making financial decisions as a head of household.



LAR: There are a lot of great resources available and I know you are familiar with many of them. What tools and resources does the library offer to customers that are unique to the area of financial investment education?

JT: The library offers access to Morningstar Investment Research Center, Standard & Poor’s NetAdvantage, and Value Line Research Center databases for investment research and education. Investor classes are available 24/7 in the Morningstar Investment Research Center database available with your library card. In addition to the financial newsletters available online in the investment databases, you can also download financial ebooks and select investing books by topic in our catalog for free home delivery.


LAR: Why do you think it is important for women to be knowledgeable about their finances?

JT: I think it is particularly important for women to realize their economic power as it affects their personal life, their well-being and the larger community. Strong financial resources make for greater stability, opportunities and choices for life building. Women have much to give in this regard as noted nurturers, charitable givers, entrepreneurs and the new board members in seats of financial power.

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