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National Library Week: Meet Kaylie

National Library Week

My name is Kaylie Pasternak, and I will be taking you through this year’s National Library Week at Orange County Library System! National Library Week is a time to bring libraries to light and show support for all they do. Today, I will give you a glimpse into who I am and what working at OCLS means to me.

Give us a quick bio! Where are you from? What are your hobbies? Where are you going to school? Can you describe the Bonner Leader Program?

I’m from Chicago and I love sewing, crocheting and designing clothes. I am also passionate about all the facets of journalism, from interviewing to recording, writing and editing.

I attend Rollins College in Winter Park and am part of its Bonner Leader program. The Bonner Leader Program is a four-year volunteer program that allows students to work with local non-profit organizations throughout college. By the end of my time at Rollins, I will have volunteered over 1200 hours, participated in a summer of service, and completed my senior thesis on a pressing social issue.

Kaylie Pasternak, wearing a blue Rollins College shirt, walking down tiled hallway

What’s your major at Rollins?

I am planning on majoring in physics and communications and minoring in data analytics and sociology. As a physics major, I will learn a unique way of thinking that will help me in any career I want to pursue. I think that physics is so fascinating because it explains the world around us mathematically.

What’s your favorite book? What are you reading right now?

I love all things poetry so any poetry book would be my favorite. Right now, I’m reading Home Body by Rupi Kaur.

Brown book cover with hand written text: Home Body, Rupi Kaur

What made you interested in volunteering with OCLS?

I wanted to volunteer at OCLS because I have always loved libraries. In high school, I went to my local library every day after school. Now, at Rollins, I think I spend more time in the library than in my dorm room. I love the ambiance and energy I feel when I walk into a library. In addition, I admire the countless number of resources a public library brings to the community. It’s a fantastic resource that is underutilized by my generation. Some of the resources I love at the Rollins Library are the study rooms, pillow room (a room full of pillows to relax in) and the study pods.

How did you decide to get involved in volunteering with OCLS?

So, for the Bonner Leader Program at Rollins, we are required to come to campus a week earlier than everyone else for a Bonner retreat. During that retreat, we had a “speed dating” day where we met with 15 nonprofits for five minutes each. During these five minutes, I learned about each nonprofit and my possible role in their organization. I chose OCLS as my partner because there are so many ways to make a difference while working at the Orlando Public Library, and that is precisely what I was looking for.

 What are you most excited about while volunteering at OCLS? Are there any skills you’re looking forward to gaining?

I am most excited about interacting with so many members of the Orlando community. I look forward to helping the Marketing and Public Relations department and applying and refining my writing and editing skills.

Kaylie Pasternak standing in front of a shelf full of books at Orlando Public Library

 Who is your biggest inspiration?

My biggest inspiration is Barbara Walters. I have always admired her ability to ask hard-hitting questions to people in positions of power. As someone who loves journalism, I try to interview in a similar way to her to get the most meaningful responses from my interviewees.

What do you think you’ll be doing ten years from now?

I have many dreams for the future, but my top three are being an engineer for a theme park, a toy designer for Mattel or a broadcast journalist.

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