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Preschool Fun: Turkey!

Preschool Fun: Turkey!

This we’re going to gobble, gobble, gobble, and wobble, wobble, wobble as we talk turkey! These activities are based on Every Child Ready to Read, which helps our friends learn pre-reading skills. We’ll cover Reading, Writing, Talking, Singing and Playing.



  • What does a turkey say?
  • What color is a turkey?
  • What’s on a turkey’s back?



Read any book you may have that mentions turkeys. If you don’t have one, try How to Catch a Turkey which is available as a print book, e-book and video! We’ll also make a turkey book at the end.



Who knows the Hokey Pokey? Let’s do the Turkey Pokey!

You put your left wing in (put left elbow in front)

You put your left wing out (put left elbow behind)

You put your left wing in, and you shake it all about

You do the turkey pokey and you turn yourself around (spin in a circle)

That’s what it’s all about!  

Repeat with:  

Right wing, Left leg, Right leg, Beak, Head, Tail, Whole self.




Let’s sing this song to the tune of If You’re Happy and You Know It!

Hello Mr. Turkey, how are you? (clap, clap)

Hello Mr. Turkey, how are you? (clap, clap)

With a gobble, gobble, gobble (hand under chin, wiggle fingers)

And a wobble, wobble, wobble (twist at waist)

Hello Mr. Turkey, how are you? (clap, clap) 



Learn about turkeys on our kids’ encyclopedia database! Use your library card to log in.




Make your own turkey book:

  • Staple papers together and have each page represent a different emotion.
  • Write (or have your child write) the amount of turkeys on each page (one turkey, two turkeys).
  • Illustrate! Draw or cut out pictures for each page.