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Q&A with Youth Services Intern Amanda Sarro

Q&A with Youth Services Intern Amanda Sarro

Hi, my name is Amanda Sarro and I am the intern in the Youth Services department for the summer this year. I am currently a University of Central Florida student studying Early Childhood Development and Education. This means that I am studying and learning about how children ages 0-8 grow and learn throughout those most important years of their lives. I am also a proud Tri-Alpha First Generation Honor Society member at UCF. This honors society recognizes the hard work of any first-generation college student.

UCF offers many valuable classes that enrich this program and allow you to apply what you have learned to a setting with children. I have taken classes such as Early Reading, Writing and Language and Planning Creative Activities in Early Childhood that have set me up for success and given me hands-on learning time to plan and execute activities with children. With my professional background as a preschool teacher, I have been able to take my education knowledge and professional knowledge and combine them to succeed at the library.

I have had the pleasure to assist with many different Summer at Your Library programs and events ranging from the teen’s programs to the main kids’ events on the stage. One of my goals for my internship this summer was to improve my public speaking skills. I was able to practice my skills by presenting the Jungle Adventures program on a Tuesday morning for a large crowd. I have also worked on my creativity skills by creating different summer-themed passive crafts that were available in the children’s library.

What’s your major/minor at UCF and why were you drawn to that field?

My major is Early Childhood Development and Education at the University of Central Florida. I have always wanted to mold and teach young minds since I was a child. Being in the Early Childhood field gives me the opportunity to make a difference in our future generations. 

Can you tell us about something new you learned while interning here at OCLS?

Being in a setting outside of my classroom experience has given me a different professional view. I loved being here with the Youth Services team and gaining insight into the different tasks, programs, and events that they work on. Being able to learn how they follow Every Child Ready to Read and use it to support everything they do helped aid in my own professional growth on how to support children with reading. I have loved experiencing working with children in a different aspect. 

Can you share a favorite experience you’ve had while interning at OCLS?

My favorite experience has been being in charge of the Character Mailbox. Being able to take an insight into the community and combine some of their favorite characters and interests into an activity that they enjoy doing at the library has been unique! I read all of the letters that are received and mail them out to the characters. I am hoping we get some responses from PBS Kids characters like Sesame Street and Wild Kratts!

What’s next for you once your internship is complete?

After graduating in August, I plan on exploring my options in the Early Childhood field. As I grow as a professional, I want to gain experience in different settings working with children. I want to make a difference in the work I do. 

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