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Thankgiving: A Comedy of Errors?


Ah, Thanksgiving is coming. A time for family and friends to gather, and videos of turkey frying disasters to be posted. Anyone who cooks has stories of triumphs and tragedies in the kitchen, especially when it comes to holiday cooking. Some of those less successful attempts at culinary masterpieces become legend. For my family, these recipes are known as “Remember the Giblets” Turkey (always do a thorough check of the bird to make sure all packets have been removed before cooking); “What’s Burning?” Dinner Rolls (don’t forget the rolls in the oven until you smell something burning during the meal); and my contributions of “Twice Baked” Pecan Pie (it doesn’t set after the recommended baking time, so you have to bake it again and serve it with leftovers) and “Smoke Alarm” French Toast (check your pan temperature).

Does this stop any of us from entering the kitchen this year? No! For each instance of “One teaspoon?! I thought it was one tablespoon!” there are also many successful cooking stories. So, while I continue to look for the perfect recipe for pecan pie, join me in the search for something new to try this year. Checkout some holiday cookbooks or login to RBdigital Magazines to browse the Food & Cooking genre for ideas from magazines like Food Network Magazine, Allrecipes Magazine, or Bon Appetit.

I’ll be checking out…

Learn to Cook 25 Southern Classics 3 Ways: Traditional, Contemporary, International by Jennifer Brulè

Jennifer Brulè is on a mission, southern style, to teach people to cook. Her method: master 25 classic southern dishes, and then—using similar ingredients or cooking techniques or both—make two variations, one contemporary and one inspired by international tastes. 

Thanksgiving: How to Cook It Well by Sam Sifton

From one of America's finest food writers, the former restaurant critic for The New York Times, comes a definitive, timeless guide to Thanksgiving dinner—preparing it, surviving it, and pulling it off in style.

Rachael Ray Every Day Magazine – November 2017 issue

Articles Include: Fix My Thanksgiving #FAIL and Thanksgiving in the U.S.A. with recipes and advice to make your Thanksgiving easier.