Throwback Thursday: TV Classics from the Vault

February 15, 2018 | Daniel Burnett
Throwback Thursday: TV Classics from the Vault

You may not know this about me, but I love old TV shows! They remind me of when I was growing up and we would watch these classic programs –  some of my favorites were The Andy Griffith ShowBarney Miller, Hogan’s Heroes and even Laverne & Shirley – with our dinner. At the time, we had no idea these shows would become milestones in broadcast history.

One of my absolute favorites was Lost in Space. I was convinced that the Robot was a real robot, despite the fact the rest of the show was terribly cheesy. But at my young age, the Robot was my hero. He progressed from just a machine to a real member of the Robinson family and he saved lives. Today, I look back at these old episodes and the special effects just make me laugh. Times have certainly changed!

Family watching TV

Other shows our family really enjoyed were The Six Million Dollar Man and Star Trek. In fact, Star Trek is the only show from that time that had any technology similar to what we use in our everyday lives today. It’s fun to re-watch these classic TV shows and observe how we far we’ve come in technological advancements, but also reminisce on how times were simpler and uncomplicated.

For this reason, I'm really happy and thankful that the Library has all of these shows and more in its DVD Vault collection. If there are some old shows you would like re-watch for nostalgia or to share with your children, the DVD Vault can help you relive those memories.

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