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Your Guide to Random Fandom Week

Your Guide to Random Fandom Week

Starting on Sunday, December 6, Orange County Library System will be hosting a weeklong set of virtual events as part of Random Fandom Week, where we will celebrate our favorite fandoms. You’re probably asking yourself, “What is this Random Fandom thing?” and “Why should I care?” Well, hold on to your seats, because I’m about to share a quick bulleted list of the whats, whens, hows and wheres of this truly epic event.


The Whats 

Random Fandom Week – a celebration of various fandoms like Star Wars, Disney and comic books.

Fandom (fændom) – n. the fans of a particular person, team, TV show, etc. considered together as a community (Oxford Learner’s Dictionary).


The Whens 

Sunday, December 6–Saturday, December 12

Every day there will be virtual events based on different fandoms. Wrap up Random Fandom Week with your fellow fans at End Credits on Saturday, December 12, 2 p.m., a virtual event with breakout sessions, prizes and other fun activities. 


The Hows

Library staff members picked fandoms they wanted to celebrate and created virtual events to share with the community. All library locations will have take-home crafts and be decorated based on their fandom choices. Once you’ve registered for an event, you’ll receive information about how to sign in.


The Wheres

All programs will take place virtually. While you’re at a branch checking out books, DVDs and other materials, stop by and ask about take-home crafts. Stop by the End Credits event page to download fun activities and resources about fandoms. 


More details than you need:

So, 2020 has been interesting. When I use the word interesting, it’s a reader-friendly way of saying something that’s not SFW. Because let’s all just admit something right here, right now: this year has been tough. Like, I mean kicked in the teeth kind of tough. No matter your background, beliefs, race, culture, ideals, shoe size, favorite animal or favorite breakfast cereal – you’ve been hurting. And when you’re hurting, you just want to feel better. If you’re asking yourself, “Why are we doing this? Don’t we have enough to do with all the crazy stuff going on?” The answer to this is simple.

You know that feeling when you get to share something you really love with someone else? A rare combination of excitement, pride and a sense of belonging? Well, we want to take that feeling, offer it on a county-wide level and take a minute to celebrate the things we love. We’ll have over 60 events during the week. I know what you’re thinking, it’s a lot. Don’t stress – we’ve got your back. Included in this handy virtual magazine is a list of all the programs broken down by fandom. Whether you’re a super fan of Star Wars, or looking to learn about something new, check out all Random Fandom Week has to offer. 

For a full list of events and to get registered, visit ocls.info/randomfandom.