What is My Reading History?

My Reading History creates a list of the material you’ve previously checked out from the Orange County Library System for your personal reference. My Reading History is maintained as part of your account and can be turned on or off by you. Learn more about this feature.

Once you have activated My Reading History you will maintain and have access to all of the titles which you check out. This feature is not retroactive. Only items checked out to you after you turn it on will be listed. Titles can only be deleted by you. You can select individual items and delete them off your history, or you can delete all the records by selecting Delete All. If your account becomes inactive or you move out of our service area, your reading history remains in our system unless you delete it.

It is not the intent of the Orange County Library System to monitor your reading history. View the Library’s privacy policy. By turning on this feature you are allowing the Library’s automation system to keep a history for you of all materials you have previously checked out. Certain provisions of the USA Patriot Act could require the Library to provide information about your library activities to law enforcement officials if and when they present proper legal documentation. Learn more on the Patriot Act.

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