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18 Reasons Why Adult Summer Reading is Fin-tastic!

Get Ready to Shell-a-brate Adult Summer Reading!

Gather around, sea-mates! We hope by now you’re ready for Adult Summer Reading. In case you need a little pier-pressure, we asked our colleagues what they’re looking forward to this year. We’re shore the answers shared by your favorite OCLS branches and departments will convince you to participate. Grab your umbrella, towel and sunblock because these responses are sun-real!


1.    “I am looking forward to sharing information on all the arts and crafts classes and the on-demand classes such as cuisine corners with customers.” – Ashley, Questline

2.    We’re looking forward to celebrating Florida native plants at our monthly Wildflower Garden Club. – West Oaks Branch

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3.    Connecting with customers virtually with events such as the Dolphin Conservation event and at our in-person events co-hosted with the Learning Central Department such as Jigsaw Jamboree – Shark Edition, Beach Painting, Avast ye! Pirates: Fact or Fiction and The Outlaw Ocean. – Orlando Public Library, Events & Programs Department

4.    DIY Decorative Lighthouses! We had so much fun making our own examples and figuring out the best lights to use. They turned out great, and we can’t wait to see what ideas people have! – Alafaya Branch

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5.    Ocean Resin Pendants! Alafaya did a resin program for staff last year, and we are excited that it’s going to be at so many branches this time. There are so many cool applications! – Alafaya Branch

6.    We’re excited for Diving with a Purpose (DWP) to visit Southeast where Master Scuba Diver Trainer Kramer Wimberley will discuss the work of Diving with a Purpose to document and preserve historic slave shipwreck sites and explore DWP’s efforts to monitor coral reefs. – Southeast Branch

Animated gif of a scuba diver examining a shipwreck, turtles and fish are swimming by

7.    We are excited to offer two ASR-themed craft events where participants will create their own ocean creatures coffee filter suncatchers and paint a decorative lighthouse. – Southwest Branch

8.    Our Book Club is hosting a guest professor of English, Dr. Shauna Maragh, to lead our discussion of To the Lighthouse by Virginia Woolf.  – Southwest Branch

Animated gif of a woman saying "I'm in a book club."


9.    “I’m looking forward to customers requesting new books and discovering new authors they enjoy reading! There are a few books I’ve added to my list to read because of a call. So, I appreciate hearing what customers are requesting.” – Liz, Questline

10.    Washington Park is looking forward to interacting with the community more as the branch becomes busier for summer! – Leasha, Washington Park Branch

An animated gif of library staff dressed as a cowboy riding a book cart like a horse

11.    “I’m looking forward to the positive energy and hearing the excitement in our customers voice after we’ve confirmed they’re eligible for a prize!!!” – Kris, Questline

12.    We’re ready to help customers find a fun summer read. – Southeast Branch

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13.    Adult programming! Though we have had outside presenters like UCF’s Project Harmony, Qigong, etc., ASR will be our first staff-driven, in-person adult programming in a long time.  We have continued to have virtual Book Club, Knit and Crochet Meetup, and even Trivia events, but it will be so nice to see everyone in person! – Alafaya Branch

14.    Seeing customers participate in the Adult Summer Reading Program 2022 Beanstack Challenge. – Orlando Public Library, Events & Programs Department

An animated gift of a man and woman sitting at a restaurant table - "Is that a challenge", "It is a challenge", "Challenge Accepted", "Okay, bring it on."

An Adult Affair

15.    Don’t let the children have ALL the fun!  Enjoy Adult Summer Reading Events at Hiawassee Library during June and July of 2022! – Hiawassee

16.    “I’m looking forward to the fact the emphasis is also placed on the adult’s programs and not just for the children.” – Hiawassee

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17.    “I am looking forward to learning about and sharing the ASR arts and crafts classes, the self-care programs, cooking classes, and the book clubs for adults. I love sharing with customers that SRP is not just for kids!” – Mary, Questline

18.    Welcoming adults back to the branch for ASR events. – Southeast Branch

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All you need to participate is an active OCLS library card. Sign up for a card online or by visiting any of our Orange County Library locations in person. We promise, you’ll be as happy as a clam you did it. 

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