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  • Get Ready to Shell-a-brate Adult Summer Reading!

    18 Reasons Why Adult Summer Reading is Fin-tastic!

    Gather around, sea-mates! We hope by now you’re ready for Adult Summer Reading. In case you need a little pier-pressure, we asked our colleagues what they’re looking forward to this year. We’re shore the answers shared by your favorite OCLS branches and departments will convince you to participate. Grab your umbrella, towel and sunblock because…

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  • Shellabrate Adult Summer Reading Header

    Get Ready to Shell-a-brate Adult Summer Reading!

    Sea-ing is believing! Dive into this video to see what hidden treasures are in store. Remember, all you need to do is make sure you have an active OCLS library card. If you don’t have a library card or you need to renew your card, you can do so here. From there, log in or…

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  • Five Great Graphic Novels for Teens and Adults

    Five Great Graphic Novels for Teens and Adults

    There exists an unwanted stigma around graphic novels. They are too dark and gritty, some say. The format of this art style does not match with the serious tone of dark narratives, some say. Graphic novels are just comic books with blood, language, and mature themes, some say. None of these three descriptions fully capture…

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  • From the Director, July 2020

    From the Director, July 2020

    Every year, leading up to June, Orange County Library System makes a big push to let everyone know about our Summer Reading Program for children. There’s good reason for that – we spend so much time and effort crafting educational, fun and engaging programs for kids of all ages that we want everyone in the…

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  • 3ScienceExperiments-01

    Three Fun Science Experiments to Do at Home

    Science is an essential tool for understanding how the world works. It is the process of analyzing data through experimentation and predictions. It can also give a middle school student the ability to make a paper-mache volcano that can spew vinegar, baking soda, and food coloring all over a nice kitchen floor. In this article,…

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  • From the Director Header October 2019-01

    From the Director, October 2019

    October is one of my favorite months at the library. All month long, we focus on hosting fun, safe events that your whole family can enjoy together. If you need Halloween costume inspiration, find it in our sewing studios, where our instructors will teach you to make your own original witch hats and superhero capes.…

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  • thumbnail_springcrafts-01

    Spring DIY Crafts to Do on a Budget

    Here in Orlando, our seasons always seem to be mushed together under one hot umbrella. Trying to make improvements or enhancements doesn't have to be super expensive, so to make this season stand out I’ve collected five simple DIY projects to make your home bloom. At the library, we're all about being budget friendly, after…

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  • thumbnail_YAbooks-01-01

    YA Books for Adults

    YA novels have exploded in popularity within the last few years. From Hunger Games to The Fault in Our Stars, they cover a range of topics and offer a new look at the teenage years. Though they’re written with  a teenage audience in mind, that doesn’t mean adult readers don’t enjoy them as well. Here…

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