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Best Books Of The Year, as Chosen by a 3 and 6-Year-Old

Best Books Of The Year, as Chosen by a 3 and 6 Year Old

I have two very opinionated readers. The eldest, L, has helped me make these lists the past two years. The youngest, M, is now joining the blogging game and is excited to share her favorite books that were published in 2020.

As noted in previous years, these are favorites as chosen by my children – books we’ve checked out and renewed their maximum amount of times. Books they’ve decided I need to buy for them as well. These books are amazing to them. They may not all be award winners (though some are!) but they’re award winners in two hearts. So here we go!


3-Year-Old’s Favorite Books of 2020


The Yawns Are Coming by Chris Eliopoulos

A book about two kids who don’t want to go to sleep, but are attacked by, well, yawns. M adores this book and, though, it doesn’t get her to go to sleep, it does make her want a yawn of her own.


Mail Duck: A Book Of Shapes And Surprises
by Erica Sirotich

A lift the flap book about a Duck delivering packages. It teaches about friendship and shapes!


Bluey: Goodnight Fruit Bat & Bluey: The Creek

Bluey is the cartoon hit of the year. About a 6-year-old dog and her sister, the show is sweet with lovely lessons that aren’t forced. The book adaptations work well, with Goodnight, Fruit Bat showing how parents sometimes put their favorite things on hold to be with their kids, and The Creek showing that sometimes new places are scary, but they’re worth trying out.


Pete the Cat: Super Pete
 by Kim Dean & James Dean

M discovered Pete the Cat this year, so honestly any/all Pete books would fit. But of those published this year, Super Pete was the favorite.


Barbie Princess Adventure
 by Elle Stephens

M loves books about her favorite characters. And after watching – and falling in love with this movie – I was really pleased to see there was a book adaptation! Though, as she points out repeatedly, one of the character’s names is wrong in the book. Ack! (And if you liked the movie, we carry the soundtrack, too!) 


6-Year-Old’s-Favorite Books of 2020

Picture Books


Little Fox And The Wild Imagination
 by Jorma Taccone

This book was the biggest hit. It’s a bit outrageous, and may have your kids calling you a scurvy bad guy, but honestly, it was a joy to read, and hear her cackle. 


Princesses versus Dinosaurs
by Linda Bailey

Another extremely funny book. When princesses and dinosaurs refuse to be in the book together, they one-up each other and, of course, learn a book with both is considerably better.


Chapter Books


Itty Bitty Princess Kitty Series
by Melody Mews

These early chapter books are a delight. About, well, a tiny kitty who becomes a princess. It’s everything a kid could want!


Layla and The Bots Series by Vicky Fang 

A new series about a girl and her robots. She uses science to solve problems! Very colorful, and super entertaining.


Diary Of A Pug Series by Kyla Ma

Exactly what it sounds like – a pug keeps a diary of his days. Very cute.


Happy Narwhalidays
by Ben Clanton

The latest in the Narwhal and Jelly graphic novel series! This time, Narwhal is teaching Jelly about the magic of the narwhaliday season.


Star Wars Who’s Who in the Galaxy
by Ella Patrick

L dove into the world of Star Wars this year, and this book was a bit hit. A chronological guide to all of the characters!

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