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  • Best Books Of The Year, as Chosen by a 3 and 6 Year Old

    Best Books Of The Year, as Chosen by a 3 and 6-Year-Old

    I have two very opinionated readers. The eldest, L, has helped me make these lists the past two years. The youngest, M, is now joining the blogging game and is excited to share her favorite books that were published in 2020. As noted in previous years, these are favorites as chosen by my children –…

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  • The Best Books of 2019, as Decided by a 5-year-old

    The Best Books of the Year, as Decided by a 5-Year-Old

    Last year, I wrote a blog post on my 4-year-old’s favorite books published that year. Well, we’re doing it again! And as you may have guessed, this time she’s 5. This time we have some chapter books added. And this time, we went back through her archive of library checkouts to ensure we didn’t miss…

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  • How to Find Books For a 1-Year-Old

    #OCLSReads: How To Find Books for a 1-Year-Old

    Last year I wrote a post from my 4-year-old’s perspective, listing her top books of the year. Today I’m bringing you some of my 1-year-old’s favorites, and this was inspired by several interactions. As a librarian, many parents ask me for book recommendations, specifically for babies/toddlers who aren’t interested in books yet. They don’t take…

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  • Best Picture Books of the Year, as Chosen by a 4-Year-Old

    The Best Picture Books of the Year, as Decided by a 4-Year-Old

    My four-year-old loves books. We read up to five before bed, and several more during the day. As penalty for the audacity of having a full-time job, I’m required to bring her home at least three books a day. I guess it’s a good thing I’m a librarian.  As the year ends, there are many…

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  • Twisted Picture Books

    Twisted Picture Books

    Picture books are a requisite for any child. Sweet, funny, charming, with pigeons, bears, big red dogs and more, there’s something for everyone. But what about those picture books that aren’t quite what you expected? The ones that make you go “WHAT DID I JUST READ?” Here’s a list of those books.  Dillweed’s Revenge: A…

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  • thumbnail_pridebooks-01

    9 LGBTQ Titles for Young Readers

    In honor of LGBTQ pride, here is a show-stopping book list that describes the lives, struggles, and strengths of LGBTQ characters and people, fact or fiction. These books—ranging from children’s picture books to works of fiction—all celebrate the spirit of the movement and implore us, at any age, to build a better world.   Beyond…

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