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From the Director, December 2022
December 1, 2022 | Steve Powell

Every year for the past several years, Orange County Library System has been a member of OverDrive’s One Million Checkout Club. That means our customers used OverDrive to check out more than a million ebooks and audiobooks in a year. We’re on track to be part of the club... READ MORE

Person holding books "Drop off the books, we've dropped the fines"
October 17, 2022 | Steve Powell

In 2023, the Orange County Library System turns 100 years old, and we have a gift to share with the community to help us celebrate this milestone. We have eliminated all overdue fines, effective Sunday, October 16. Even better – on that same date, we also canceled all... READ MORE

"Five Components of Every Child Ready to Read"; Hispanic grandmother sitting with granddaughter at a laptop, reading and smiling
October 15, 2022 | Emily Gingras

Every Child Ready to Read is an initiative created to provide caregivers and families with resources to support their child’s early literacy development. As a parent or caregiver, you are your child’s first and best teacher and the ECRR initiative provides tools and resources... READ MORE

Cinco Componentes de Todos Los Niños Listos Para Leer: El Habla
October 15, 2022 | Emily Gingras

ECRR es una iniciativa cuyo objetivo es brindarle a los cuidadores y padres los recursos necesarios para el desarrollo literario de su hijo. Como padre o cuidador, usted es el mejor maestro, y la iniciativa de “Todos Los Niños Listos Para Leer” (ECRR por sus siglas en inglés... READ MORE

Mayor Buddy's Book Club: Q&A with Orlando Mayor Buddy Dyer
October 1, 2022 | City of Orlando - Office of Community Affairs

What exactly is Mayor Buddy’s Book Club, and when was it founded?

Mayor Buddy’s Book Club is my only signature book club. We started this book club in 2011 when the City of Orlando received a Cities of Service Leadership Grant from Bloomberg Philanthropies and the... READ MORE


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From the Director, March 2023
March 1, 2023 | Steve Powell

As part of our 100 Year Celebration, we plan to share stories about the history of Orange County Library System in each issue of Books & Beyond. We’ll focus on one decade at a time, and this month, we take a look at the 1930s – a particularly difficult time for everyone,... READ MORE

The History of Orange County Library System: Olive Brumbaugh and the Albertson Public Library
February 28, 2023 | Andrea Jackson

In the spring of 1923, the library board was in need of an experienced librarian to organize and administer the newly established Albertson Public Library. After a lengthy search, they received an application from Miss Olive Brumbaugh, librarian of the Public Library of... READ MORE

"K O D A C H R O M E:  THE ICONIC COLOR FILM" with many squares for developed pictures.
February 15, 2023 | Ryan Baichan

Kodachrome, produced by the company Kodak, is the oldest selling brand of color film in existence. Invented in 1935, it quickly became the standard film for cinematography and still photography. Notably, Kodachrome captured the first color photographs of historical events... READ MORE



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