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national poetry month

  • DIY Film Festival: National Poetry Month

    DIY Film Festival: National Poetry Month

    Celebrate Poetry Month with films from our digital section.Or request them through free home delivery, There’s quite a large selection.Either way works For they’re just some of the perks Of Orange County Library System’s movie collection.   Howl (Available on Kanopy, Hoopla & DVD)Allen Ginsberg was an angel-headed hipsterNot to mention, a 1950s poetic tricksterBut no one is laughingThanks to…

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  • National Poetry Month-01

    Roses are Red, Violets are Grateful, That National Poetry Month Happens in April

    April is a time where flowers bloom from their winter sleep, birds sing as they fly across the skies and writers pick out their new seasonal pens of inspiration to write with. Well, not so much that last part. Among other celebrations, April is also recognized as National Poetry Month. National Poetry Month found its…

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